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Review of 2022 in Kevin’s Garden

Looking back at last year’s blooms

boarder with yellow and purple flowers and a white hydrangea

We’re visiting with Kevin Kelly today.

Today I am taking you on a brief review of my garden in 2022. As I am planning for a new growing season, it was nice to look over a few photos and see what I liked and what I would like to enhance in the upcoming growing season. I am in Harrisburg, PA, Zone 6b. My home is in a residential neighborhood and sits on just under a third of an acre.

front yard garden with shrubs and perennials in bloomThis is a view of my front yard in early August. Over the years I have scaled back much of the lawn, so it is now mainly paths and serves to rest the eye from the exuberant borders. Hydrangea paniculata White Diamonds® (Zones 3–8) makes quite a statement.

large planting of blue forget-me-notsI love this drift of Myosotis (forget-me-nots, Zones 5–9) that have seeded into this bed along the walkway leading to the front door.

close up of light green Champion HelleboresMarch is such a wonderful time for hellebores. This one is ‘Winter Bliss’ (Helleborus × ericsmithii ‘Champion’, Zones 5–8). I grow about 20 cultivars. They look great year round and contribute to the matrix layer (which covers the ground, eliminates the need for mulch, and knits the borders together).

s small plants and pink flowers growing between rocks and gravelThis is part of a crevice garden I built in the front yard in March 2022. I took this photo one month after planting. I am looking forward to seeing how it will look this spring.

mass planting of purple allium blooms backed by shrubsAllium ‘Purple Sensation’ (Zones 3–9) blooms in late May and is a wonderful transition from the early spring bloomers and the summer perennials. This cultivar naturalizes well.

a large bare tree and surrounding conifers covered in snowThis is a photo from January looking out from where we eat our meals. The maple is Acer rubrum ‘October Glory’ (Zones 4–9).

shrub with white flowers in front of tall, light pink flowersOne of my favorite combinations in July: Joe Pye weed (Eutrochium purpureum ‘Little Red’, Zones 4–8) is in the back, Hydrangea paniculata Bobo® is to the right, and Clethra alnifolia (Zones 4–9) is to the left.

boarder with yellow and purple flowers and a white hydrangeaWhen I took this photo I was standing on my driveway looking over the border across my front yard. There is a flagstone path hidden in there.

tiny white and pink aster flowers in front of a shrub with fall foliage and blue berriesI love this combination in the fall: Calico aster (Symphyotrichum lateriflorum, Zones 4–8) paired with Viburnum nudum ‘Brandywine’ (Zones 5–9).


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  1. User avater
    musabasjoosue 03/08/2023

    Kevin your garden never disappoints! So much inspiration. I'm intrigued by the crevice garden as I have a pile of leftover bluestone from another project calling out to be used. Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. imajayhawk 03/08/2023

      Thanks. The crevice garden is fun. It works well on a slope or berm. The vertical placement of the stones allows great drainage, and opens up different plant options, including Mediterranean and alpine plants. It is fun to highlight these smaller plants, and to create additional microclimates in the garden.

  2. janeeliz 03/08/2023

    Gorgeous combinations, very classy! You've created a masterpiece! I'd like to see that new crevice garden in a year or so...very interesting.

    1. imajayhawk 03/08/2023

      Thanks so much. The crevice garden is fun and I am looking forward to seeing it age as well.

  3. sheila_schultz 03/08/2023

    Hey Kevin... your gardens have expanded and exploded with lush beauty, color and texture over the decades. It's truly lovely. Enjoy your crevice garden!

    1. imajayhawk 03/08/2023

      Thanks, Sheila. Year one down on the crevice garden. I am going to expand it a bit as well as tighten up the existing crevices with a few more rocks. Lots of fun.

  4. cheryl_c 03/08/2023

    Kevin, I am always excited when I see you have sent in more pictures of your wonderful gardens. So much to comment on, but I particularly like the viburnum nudum with the calico aster - and am wondering about combining that aster with an Itea since I don't have room for a v. nudum. Do you think the fall color change would be synchronous enough for that to work? Thanks so much for sharing - and do so again soon, please!

    1. imajayhawk 03/08/2023

      Cheryl, that combo should work as well based on when my Itea hits fall peak. Don’t count out Viburnum nudum. The cultivar ‘Brandywine’ only gets 4-6 feet tall so would be comparable.

      1. cheryl_c 03/08/2023

        Thanks! I already have eleven viburnums, so I'll consider a twelfth, but will have to find a spot. Is your calico aster the species, or Lady In Black or another cultivar?

        1. imajayhawk 03/08/2023

          ‘Lady in Black’ it is. I let it weave into the viburnum, which gives it good support. You sound like me with the viburnums. I just counted, and I have 11 as well.

          1. cheryl_c 03/08/2023

            Thanks. I'll try the species and see if I can make it weave through the Itea. I appreciate both of your replies.

  5. btucker9675 03/08/2023

    Amazingly beautiful! Your front "yard" is truly what I'm trying to do at my home - one step at a time so the HOA doesn't notice that the stupid grass is disappearing! I'm going to show your photo to my Joe Pye weed in hopes that he will be inspired to get going!

    1. imajayhawk 03/08/2023

      I am lucky that I don’t have an HOA to deal with, but I still have needed to be cautious about “neighbor acceptance”. I have multiple signs declaring my intent to create a pollinator habitat and I try to be careful to keep the areas along the sidewalk more pruned. Good luck on your efforts.

  6. User avater
    treasuresmom 03/08/2023

    Kevin, your garden is gorgeous as usual. Too much to comment on!

    1. imajayhawk 03/08/2023


  7. User avater
    simplesue 03/09/2023

    Oh I love your house and garden! Love your from garden design with the graceful planting beds with only small amount of grass to accent and walk on! Excellent!

    1. imajayhawk 03/11/2023

      Thanks. It has taken a number of years, but I am really happen where the garden is right now.

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