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The Garden Photo of the Day (GPOD) is a daily blog that features new, inspirational garden images each weekday morning. Over the years, it’s become the first thing thousands of gardeners read with their morning coffee. Think of it as your morning shot of green, garden-y goodness!

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  • late summer flowers around a small table and chairs
    Garden Photo of the Day

    Gardening Through Intense Weather

    Today we’re visiting with Kim Herdman, in Williams Lake, British Columbia, Canada, who has had a difficult gardening year. Fortunately, many of the plants managed to pull through and perform…

  • front yard with no lawn
    Garden Photo of the Day

    Gardening Through Challenges

    Today we’re in Cincinnati, Ohio, visiting with Erin Houlihan. This garden has developed over 34 years in a very small urban lot. It has evolved from challenges, and it is…

  • greenhouse with sunflower design on front gable
    Garden Photo of the Day

    Dale’s Greenhouse and Garden

    Welcome to Dale Coulter’s garden in Sutton, Massachusetts. I have always wanted a greenhouse to be my next gardening challenge. I have been an avid gardener for years, starting simply…

  • view of garden from back slope
    Garden Photo of the Day

    A Banner Year for Hydrangeas

    Today we’re in Elie Gilbert’s garden. I’ve been gardening for at least 70 years, but I’ve never seen a year like this for hydrangeas. Here in my Plymouth, Massachusetts, garden,…

  • shady garden full of lush greenery
    Garden Photo of the Day

    Cherry’s Visit to Milner Gardens

    Regular GPOD contributor Cherry Ong has been sharing some incredible gardens she visited this year. I had a chance to visit some gardens on Vancouver Island this August. One of…

  • garden with lots of pink plants
    Garden Photo of the Day

    Patsy’s Tiered Garden

    We're visiting Patsy Lahue's Colorado garden today. This garden is built in several levels with these beautiful brick retaining walls. I love how this allows all the plants to shine,…

  • green meadow with flowers
    Garden Photo of the Day

    Massachusetts Meadow

    Today we’re visiting Heidi Dollard’s garden. I have been gardening for 35 years in western Massachusetts. My gardens were always in the shade until four years ago, when we moved…

  • bird feeder in a pollinator-friendly garden
    Garden Photo of the Day

    Washington State Pollinator Garden

    Today’s photos are from James Mahar. We own 21.5 acres in Washington State dedicated to wildlife, including a 20,000-square-foot spot specifically for pollinators. Here are a few photos. This area…

  • light orange roses
    Garden Photo of the Day

    Katy’s New Side Yard Garden

    My name is Katy, and I garden in Zone 7B, in Tsawwassen British Columbia, Canada, just south of Vancouver. We have a modified Mediterranean climate with heavy winter rainfall and…

  • view of garden from above
    Garden Photo of the Day

    From Mud to Garden (and Golf Hole!)

    Today we’re in Raleigh, North Carolina, visiting with John Matthews. I have put together an entire deck on the garden, going from muddy grass to what it is today. There…