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  • slope garden full of perennials
    Garden Photo of the Day

    Cynthia’s Garden

    When we moved to Hamilton, Ohio, in 1998, we purchased the adjacent lot to our north, so we call it the North Lot Garden. The slope above the retaining wall…

  • Bears breeches
    Garden Photo of the Day

    Teresa’s Garden and Arboretum Visit

    Yesterday Teresa Watkins, who gardens in steamy Zone 9b, shared her visit with her husband’s family in Massachusetts. Today she’s still touring up north, sharing these gorgeous images from her…

  • garden fence with gate covered in rambling rose
    Garden Photo of the Day

    A Warm-Climate Gardener Visits the North

    Today’s photos are from Teresa Watkins. Living in tropical gardening Zone 9b, I'm always excited to visit my husband's family in Taunton, Massachusetts, to envy their Zone 6b gardens. This…

  • natural lawn
    Garden Photo of the Day

    Naturalizing an Urban Garden

    Today we’re visiting Karyn Koski's garden in Toronto. I would really like to share my garden adventure. I'm a Canadian environmental leader in Toronto who embarked on a mission to…

  • basket full of various colored beets
    Garden Photo of the Day

    Brandy’s Florida Garden

    Today we're visiting Brandy's garden. I garden in Zone 9b in the sunny state of Florida. Gardening is my favorite hobby. If I am not in my garden I’m visiting…

  • bright red daylily and a panicle hydrangea
    Garden Photo of the Day

    Midsummer in Carla’s Garden

    We’re off to Malvern, Pennsylvania, with Carla Z. Mudry today. Midsummer has hit my garden, and I am in love with the riot of texture, colors, and scent. It is…

  • path leading between two garden beds full of golden plants
    Garden Photo of the Day

    Joyce’s Massachusetts Garden

    Today we’re visiting with Joyce Hannaford. My 22-year-old garden continues to evolve here in Natick, Massachusetts. I’ve been gardening for 70 years, and both my parents were avid gardeners. The…

  • grouped container plantings look like garden bed
    Garden Photo of the Day

    Turning an Eyesore Into a Garden

    My name is Wema Mojar from Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. We have an abandoned pool that had become an eyesore, so I turned it into a classic small space garden using…

  • goldfish in a pond with lily pads
    Garden Photo of the Day

    Tom’s Pond

    Tom Fisher is sharing his Buffalo, New York, garden with us today, including a feature in the garden that is popular with all sorts of visitors. We have a very…

  • garden at sunset
    Garden Photo of the Day

    Laura’s Romantic Garden

    Today we’re off to southern New Jersey to visit Laura Boissonnault’s beautiful garden. Laura’s house is a colonial-style home built in 1920, and her romantic, cottage-garden design complements the building…