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  • small, simple stone and stump sculpture
    Garden Photo of the Day

    GPOD on the Road: Garden Tour in Toronto

    We’re with Cherry Ong today, tagging along on a garden tour she did earlier this year during a trip to the Toronto area. According to the brochure Cherry received for…

  • close up of yellow dandelion on a black background
    Garden Photo of the Day

    A Photographer’s View of Flowers

    Today’s photos are from Deagmund Robinson, a gardener and photographer in Atlanta who has combined a love of flowers and photography skills to capture plants in beautiful and unusual ways.…

  • praying mantis ona burnt orange dahlia
    Garden Photo of the Day

    A Challenging Year in the Garden

    Christina Tyzzer is sharing a look back at the gardening year with us as we move into fall. We garden in Indiana in Zone 6a. It has been a hot,…

  • Garden Photo of the Day

    Success and Failure 2022

    Today’s photos are from Lee Ann McAlpine, who is looking at her Ohio garden this year and determining what worked and what didn’t. My husband and I moved to our…

  • wooden bench in between two garden beds
    Garden Photo of the Day

    Gardening With Criss in Ohio

    Today we’re in northeastern Ohio visiting with Criss. We’ve visited Criss before (Criss's Ohio Garden), and it is always a pleasure to return to this beautiful garden. A planting in…

  • wide view of the garden at dusk
    Garden Photo of the Day

    GPOD on the Road: Fellows Riverside Gardens

    Today we’re in Youngstown, Ohio, visiting the Fellows Riverside Gardens, a beautiful spot that is gorgeous, extensive, and completely free to all visitors thanks to a dedicated group of donors,…

  • close up of brown-eyed Susan
    Garden Photo of the Day

    Virginia’s Mostly Native Garden

    We’re visiting with Virginia Sherry today. A lifelong gardener, I am the founder of the nonprofit Native Plant Society of Staten Island (in 2019). As summer draws to a close,…

  • close up of a cream colored rose
    Garden Photo of the Day

    September in Carla’s Garden

    We’ve been in Carla Zambelli’s garden in Malvern, Pennsylvania, before (see High Spring in Carla’s Garden), and today she’s sharing how it looks in September. September is here. It has…

  • front steps with plants on all sides and a container of colorful annual flowers
    Garden Photo of the Day

    September in Alice’s Garden

    Today we’re in Sweaburg, Ontario, visiting with Alice Fleurkens. We’ve been to her beautiful garden a couple times before (see Alice’s Front Garden in Canada), and it is always a…

  • whimsical elf house built on a tree stump with blue door and trim
    Garden Photo of the Day

    Creative Recycling in a Woodland Garden

    My name is Paul Brothe, and I live and garden in Newburgh, New York. (See a previous visit to this garden.) In 2020, I cleared an overgrown part of my…