Your July Regional Garden To-Do Lists

(Left) Late summer into fall brings new possibilities in the vegetable garden. Photo: Jim Kincannon. (Center) Petunias are good candidates for light pruning this time of year. Pictured: ColorRush™ Pink petunia (Petunia ‘Balcushink’, Zones 9–12). Photo: Andy Pulte. (Right) Watering in the morning helps to conserve water and prevent gardeners from getting overheated. Photo: Paula Gross

Depending on where you are in the United States, July can be a really great or really uncomfortable time to garden. Some of us are only able to toil at dawn and dusk, while others get to play all day. No matter what kind of temperatures Mother Nature is throwing at you, our regional experts know what will keep your garden at peak performance this month.

Find your region’s garden to-do list below, and check out your My Region page for even more information on what’s hot (literally and figuratively) this month.