Gorgeous Garden Container Designs, Tips, and Inspiration

Like a blank canvas, a new container presents limitless opportunities and options for form, color, and texture. But before letting your imagination run wild with garden container designs for over-the-top plantings and robust spillers, fillers, and thrillers, there are a few matters you should consider.


Think about your environment and the microclimate of the location where the container will be placed. Will your container be in sun or shade? A wet part of the backyard or under an awning? This will help you select the correct plants for your space.

Container materials

A beautiful pot can guide the design, but container material should also be considered before you choose plants. A heavy pot may be a pain to move in and out of doors, for example, so perhaps steer clear of plants that need to be overwintered. A container can act as a focal point, an accent to a patio or bed, and even a privacy screen. What are your goals for the container?


After choosing plants, you’ll want to consider a soil mix. Many mixes are available right off the shelf, but to get the perfect combination of nutrients for your plants, you can also create your own using one of the recipes listed here.

Plant combinations

Want to use plants with different needs? You can also mix and match plants that require different care through some ingenuity. Learn how to combine perennials and annuals with tropical plants, herbs, edibles, succulents, and more for truly unique designs.


Deadheading, fertilizing, root pruning (if needed), and caring for your plants throughout the season will ensure a great show. Don’t forget to bring in those tender perennials during winter so that they can continue to grow year after year.


Find inspiration for container plantings below from the expert designers at Fine Gardening.