Root Pruning Container Plants

If your container plant is rootbound—or just growing a little too vigorously for your liking—it may be a candidate for a process called root pruning. Watch as Lee Reich, author of Uncommon Fruits for Every Garden , demonstrates his technique.

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  1. barbandart 08/01/2014

    Wonderful demonstration. We loved it and will use it. We are trying to save some plants we got in containers from a local discount store for about a month until our children who have just moved into a new house can have the landscapers come in. This week, their landscapers came in and sprayed their lot with a herbicide before their acre size lot receives its final grade. Next they will bring in enough topsoil to cover the lot so that the topsoil is 4" deep. While their soil is sandy and their new subdivision was a blueberry farm, they have been told that they already have good soil.). Next, trees and shrubs, including our shrubs (3 Elderberry Black Lace, 3 Euonymous fortune, 5 Cotoneaster X Hessei, 3 Weigela Wine and Roses, 3 Ninebark Summer Wine) will be planted. These are just our contributions and will not begin to cover the lot but our plants are root bound and we are hoping to save them until the beginning of Sept. by repotting them and root pruning them.

  2. rullrich 06/16/2017

    Super helpful video. Thanks.

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