Get a Jump On the Season With Gro-Caps

Days to Spring: 1

No matter how early it arrives, it never feels like spring arrives soon enough. If you’re like me and you like to tempt fate and get a jump on the season in the veggie garden, you should invest in a pack of Gro-Caps. They are inexpensive, mini-greenhouses (AKA cloches) that protect young seedlings from the unpredictable weather of early spring. Put these plastic domes outside to warm the soil a few days ahead of planting, then use them to cover the tender plants until the threat of frost passes and temps have warmed considerably.

Although I love the look of sophisticated glass cloches, they are expensive and difficult to store. These plastic domes are unbreakable and stack inside each other easily for space-saving storage. They are lightweight, so you may need to place stones or something heavy on top of them in windy conditions. A handy hole in the top allows you to water the plants without moving the caps, too.

Price: $76.35 for 30



This Week’s Spring Picks:


Days to Spring: 2 – Red Hot Pokers That Are Pretty Cool


I have always thought red-hot pokers (Kniphofia spp. and cvs., Zones 6-9) were striking plants. Their unique flowers always draw attention, but they were always orange, or shades of it… Read more.

Days to Spring: 3 – A Planter That’s Just the Right Height.


The VegTrug™ Patio Garden is a great solution for gardeners with limited space, yet it provides ample room to get some serious gardening done… Read more.

Days to Spring: 4 – Plant Some Parsley with a Purpose

I like to use parsley in my container designs. It provides a strong hit of green to my designs, and its mid-size bulk is necessary — but often hard to come by… Read more.


Days to Spring: 5 – Warm, Waterproof, and Cheap Gloves

I don’t know about you, but my hands get cold and raw when working outside in spring. I know those of you gardening in the Deep South can’t relate, and you’re lucky! But for the rest of us… Read more.


Days to Spring: 6 – An Affordable Way to Buy Native Plants



Prairie Moon Nursery in Winona, Minnesota is a mail-order company specializing in North American species for prairie, savanna, woodland, and wetland ecosystems. They offer seeds, potted plants, and bare-root plants from more than 700 species… Read more.

Days to Spring: 7 – A Tasty and Pretty Tomato Variety


Usually you get one of two things in a tomato: It tastes good or it’s good for making sauce. It’s hard to find tomatoes that are delicious for snacking on straight out of the garden… Read more.

Days to Spring: 8 – The Leo Wall Planter – I Can’t Wait to Plant This Container



I have to admit it: my backporch is a little boring. This wouldn’t be much of a problem, but I have one of those houses where the back door is the main entry to the house. The walkway to the porch… Read more.


Days to Spring: 9 – ‘Cascade’ Hops — An Easy-Care Vine for Full Sun


I’ve wanted to grow hops for years. My grandfather grew them for wine-making, and I always loved how the vines looked scrambling up the wire trellis he had rigged on a south-facing wall of his home… Read more.


Days to Spring: 10 – A Book Full of Beautiful Peonies


Roses seem to get all the love as the most romantic and enduring flower, but to that we say phooey! It really is the gorgeous peony that deserves our unwavering love. They are, arguably the most beautiful flower in the world… Read more.



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Countdown to Spring:

Check back tomorrow for Fine Gardening’s Countdown to Spring to find out what tools, plants, books – and more! – we are excited about this season. And join the conversation on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest – tell us what you are excited about this spring, too!

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