Danielle Sherry

Danielle is the executive editor at Fine Gardening magazine who is dedicated to helping readers from around the country become better gardeners. She is a graduate of the University of Connecticut and has worked throughout the gardening world for over 25 years. Running nurseries, garden centers, and even a few farms has provided her with a wealth of knowledge when it comes to growing ornamental and edible plants. Danielle is constantly experimenting with new plants, trialing heirloom vegetables, and testing new design strategies in her Connecticut gardens. She has lectured extensively throughout the U.S. about her gardening adventures and co-hosts the award winning podcast, Let’s Argue About Plants twice a month. An Accredited Nursery Professional, she enjoys sharing both her horticultural successes and failures with anyone that loves plants as much as she does.



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    Episode 80: New Plants

    With so many events canceled in the last year, we sure are happy that the plant breeders still decided to unveil a healthy crop of new plants for us to…

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    Chicago Botanic Garden Trial Gardens

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    Annual Opinions | Letter from the Editor

    “Friends don’t let friends buy annuals.” My very first boss wore a button with that phrase to work every day. I didn’t have a “normal job” like most teenagers. I…

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    Episode 79: Listener Q & A

    Asking listeners to submit questions for our annual Q & A episode is a bit like sending out party invitations (pre-COVID) and hoping that someone shows up. Thankfully, you guys…

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    Silver in Winter, and in Shade | Letter from the Editor

    Winter, generally speaking, is not a gardener’s friend. However, I must admit, when the first frosts hit—or even a dusting of snow—the effect on my garden is magical. It’s something…

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    The Best Low-Maintenance Shrubs

    Most gardeners agree that shrubs require less primping than perennials do to look good. And lots of shrubs grow just fine without much help from you. But which ones do…

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    Episode 77: Year in Review

    What can we say about 2020 that hasn’t already been said? With all the bad that occurred, one positive for the staffers at FG was more time spent in our…

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    Creating Winter Interest

    In gardening, we talk mostly about spring, summer, and to a lesser degree, fall. But that ignores a quarter of the calendar year. It’s not easy to design a garden…

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    Traveling Plants | Letter from the Editor

    It was June and I was stuck in Denver. Well, not stuck, but delayed at the airport trying to get home and mindlessly scrolling through all the photos I’d taken…

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    Episode 76: Wish List Plants for 2021

    It’s that time of year when we dream of all the plants we’d buy if a blank check showed up in our stockings. Some are weird, some are workhorses we…