Danielle Sherry

Danielle is the executive editor at Fine Gardening magazine, where she is dedicated to helping readers from around the country become better gardeners. A graduate of the University of Connecticut, Danielle has worked throughout the gardening world for over 25 years. Running nurseries, garden centers, and even a few farms has provided her with a wealth of knowledge when it comes to growing ornamental and edible plants. Danielle is constantly experimenting with new plants, trialing heirloom vegetables, and testing new design strategies in her Connecticut gardens. She has lectured extensively throughout the United States about her gardening adventures and cohosts the award-winning podcast Let’s Argue About Plants twice a month. An Accredited Nursery Professional, she enjoys sharing both her horticultural successes and failures with anyone who loves plants as much as she does.



  • Episode 97: Native Alternatives
    Podcast: Let's Argue About Plants

    Episode 97: Native Alternatives to Common Plants

    Here at Let’s Argue About Plants we’re big fans of native plants. Our gardens are filled with them and for good reason: native plants are essential to the preservation and…

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    Protected: Tips for Making the Best Compost

    The real superpower of compost is that it gives life to soil. Compost is made from material that is digested by organisms and microbes that occur naturally in native soil.…

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    In Defense of Modernism | Letter from the Editor

    My home and garden are just about the furthest thing from modern you can get. I live in a quintessential Cape Cod–style house, and the swirling landscape around it is…

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    Tips for Planting a Bareroot Rose

    No one can deny the beauty of a rose bush in full bloom. But those hybrid tea and floribunda types can be quite expensive garden plants to purchase. Bareroot roses…

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    Create a Colorful Summer Container Garden

    When the heat of summer truly sets in, many gardeners prefer to sit back in the shade and enjoy their garden, instead of sweating to maintain it. The one task…

  • fg 201 cover

    Birds in the Garden | Letter from the Editor

    A few months ago a bird got stuck in my hair. This did not happen while I was out in the garden. But it almost certainly had something to do…

  • ground cover

    6 Big-Impact, Low-Care Ground Covers

    Ground covers may be the most underappreciated plants in the garden. They don’t have the flashiest blooms or the most interesting habits, but they’re invaluable in so many other ways.…

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    The Secret to Fresh Cut Flowers

    As summer sets in, gardeners start to think about cutting stems from our beds and borders to bring inside. Everyone loves to see a gorgeous vase of blooms sitting on…

  • Fine Gardening: Touring North America’s Best Private Gardens

    Tour a Garden That Overflows With Plants and Color

    Most of us want our gardens to look fabulous all the time, no matter the season. That’s great if you are willing to put in the time and money required…

  • Episode 90: Favorite Workhorses
    Podcast: Let's Argue About Plants

    Episode 90: Favorite Workhorses

    Right about now you might be asking yourself, “What exactly is a workhorse plant?” In our minds it is a plant that asks little from us but delivers a whole…