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20 Top Picks: Garden Photo of the Day

Since January 2010, Fine Gardening has offered Garden Photo of the day, a weekday email that features staff and reader photos of gorgeous gardens, intriguing design solutions, hardscape, wildlife, and more. Most of these have not appeared in the magazine.

Garden Photo of the Day is produced by Fine Gardening associate editor Michelle Gervais, who is always on the lookout for new photos to feature. If you’d like to submit some of yours for consideration, send them by email, along with a brief description.

Here’s a sampling of popular posts, as rated by our readers’ recommendations and comments, to give you an idea of what you can expect when you sign up for Fine Gardening‘s Garden Photo of the Day. Each weekday morning, you’ll get to visit cool gardens from all over without ever leaving home. You’ll glean design ideas for your own garden. It’s your passport to instant garden bliss and enlightenment.

A planter box on steroids
A nursery owner created this planting for the porch of his Minnesota home.

springtime at longwood

Springtime at Longwood
This Pennsylvania garden is worth a visit anytime, but it’s especially beautiful in spring.

blooms in desertBlooms in the desert
Winter-hardy annuals make a spectacular spring display in the Utah desert.
Row of flowers

A not-so-humble hell strip
Each season, the tiny hell strip in front of a village store in Connecticut sports a new design.

woolly thyme

Woolly thyme like tumbling water
In Ohio, woolly creeping thyme flows into a dry creek bed like water spilling over the rocks.

Wisteria at Dumbarton Oaks

Wisteria at Dumbarton Oaks                               Mid- to late April finds the wisteria at Dumbarton Oaks in Washington, DC, in full flower.


Beautiful front garden

The most beautiful hosta in the world
In a Delaware, front yard, a gorgeous hosta stands guard to the left of the walkway.

gate leading to a garden

A garden gate fit for a gardener
Entry to this Napa, California, vegetable garden is through a gate crafted from garden tools.

hummingbird eggs

More baby hummingbirds
A well-camouflaged hummingbird nest and its hatchlings in California.

beautiful hydrangeas tree

This plant’s future is in your hands
Keep this hydrangea, or rip it out? You be the judge.

A memorial garden in Virginia

A memorial garden in Virginia
Bucking convention, an 80-year-old upsized his home and garden when he relocated.

gorgeous sweep of houttuynia

How aggressive is it?
Here’s a gorgeous sweep of houttuynia. What’s your experience with this plant?

Spanish moss turns a California sitting area into something out of a fairy

Dripping with atmosphere
A backdrop of Spanish moss turns a California sitting area into something out of a fairy tale.

a lawn of thyme

A lawn of thyme
In June, it’s “thyme” for a pink lawn in this Minnesota front yard.

living wall at Flora Grubb Gardens

Running out of room for plants?
Check out the living wall at Flora Grubb Gardens in San Francisco.

misty morning scene at the Chicago Botanic Garden's Japanese garden

In the mist
A misty morning scene at the Chicago Botanic Garden’s Japanese garden in October.

Containers by Cherry Ong

Containers by Cherry Ong
Attractive plantings by a reader in British Columbia.

Urban Garden in Canada
Lots of blooms in a small space

Katys new side garden

Katy’s New Side Yard Garden
Planting up a new garden area

Kathleen’s Chicago-Area Garden
Making the most of a narrow space

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  1. soilgoil 06/23/2011

    When I check my e-mail each morning, I look forward to the Garden Photo of the day. It always inspires me to go out there and create my own beautiful vignettes. Thank you, and please keep showing us these artful photos.

  2. NorthNance 06/23/2011

    I look forward to FG's Garden Photo of the Day, although I might enjoy an organized succession of bloom vignettes starting in March in zones throughout the US from ME with photos in ribbon form through to Seattle, then winding back the next week in another zone, etc...

  3. pattyspencer 06/27/2011

    Sooooo pretty and soooooo peaceful looking. This and all the other pics are so inspirational. If only I had the money I'd try to put a little of all of them into my yard.

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