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The most beautiful hosta in the world

An entranceway garden designed by Eve Thyrum for her garden in Wilmington, Delaware.
Photo/Illustration: Michelle Gervais

OK, so you might disagree, but I think this hosta (the one next to the azalea), in Eve and Per Thyrum’s front yard in Wilmington, Delaware, is the most gorgeous hosta I’ve ever seen. It’s called ‘Aureomarginata’, and it’s hardy in USDA Hardiness Zones 3 to 9. What a stunner!

Want to know more about this garden? Read this!

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Photo/Illustration: Michelle Gervais


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  1. ncgardener 04/11/2011

    It is gorgeous. I have to agree. Last year the slug and snails raged a war against mine and they mostly won. But this year I am back armed with a list of tips and tricks and so far so good. Maybe I can get one like that this year. Hope, hope, hope!

  2. Deanneart 04/11/2011

    Wowza! what a fabulous specimen. Beautiful plant and beautifully grown and displayed.

  3. user-7006895 04/11/2011

    These are fabulous. I would love to have hosta like that. Now if someone can just propagate a variety that isn't deer candy...

  4. Vespasia 04/11/2011

    Gorgeous, Hostas are one of my absolute favourite plants, I have lost count of how many i have and some of them are huge now like the one in this picture. They are so hardy and both light and shade tolerant and the foliage is so decorative. Love them!

  5. sheilaschultz 04/11/2011

    I was just reading about Aureomarginata the other day and wondered what it looked like. Want it!

  6. CanadianFarmgirl 04/11/2011

    To SunnyDiso
    Problems with deer? You need one of my blue heelers! They are fantastically loyal to you and your family, including cats and ducks, but intruders like deer are strictly NOT allowed in the yard. As for slugs, my muscovy ducks take are of them.

  7. satisfaction 04/11/2011

    There are 250 varieties of hosta in my gardens. The montana 'Aureomarginata'is the most beautiful and the most noticed by visitors. It is given its rightful place in this garden!

  8. chevy57red 04/11/2011

    Beautiful hosta!! Having collected around 500 plants before we retired.. the Aureo is still one gorgeous plant!!

  9. Happily_Gardening 04/11/2011

    Spectacular! Wonderful combination of elements make this scene warm and inviting...bench, walkway, fabulous porch and lighting, seeming to say "hello, come on in!" Great capture Michelle!!

  10. bamboomary 04/11/2011

    This is a spectacular garden with way more than hostas. I had the privilage of visiting it during a Northwest Horticultural Society Garden tour. It's a must see if you get the chance!

  11. deladybex 04/11/2011

    How lovley the right climate and the right place top grow .Wish I could grow them. No place for them where I am now, but the pciture is soemthing to dreamonhahahaha

  12. user-7006895 04/12/2011

    Thanks Canadian Farm Girl -- but what on earth is a blue heeler?

  13. petuniababi 04/12/2011

    It certainly is the most beautiful i have seen.I have several and they have never gotten close to looking like this.They come back every year and they seem so boring.I thought it was about them.After seeing this it must be me not doing something right.Now i have to find out what it is,because this is absolutely gorgeous!!

  14. CanadianFarmgirl 04/13/2011

    Blue heeler dogs, also known as Australian Cattle Dogs! We also do not have squirrels in our yard.

  15. bulbesha 04/15/2011

    i am in total agreement. i've never seen a more beautiful hosta. amazing !

  16. HazAHappy 07/09/2013

    How long does it take for that gorgeous hosta to grow that large?

  17. user-7007553 04/22/2016


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