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Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Guida Quon

Day 2 of Guida Quon’s garden in Santa Ana, California! Check out Guida’s amazing sitting area festooned with Spanish moss. It’s like something out of a fairy tale. Stay tuned for more photos of Guida’s garden in tomorrow’s post!

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Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Guida Quon
Click here to view this photo in a new window.
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Guida Quon


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  1. gottagarden 05/10/2011

    Is this moss hanging from a pergola-like structure? Did you just buy the moss and decorate with it? Very cool.

  2. bucksjd 05/10/2011

    I love this! What an enchanted place.

  3. bectoria7 05/10/2011

    This is lovely, does Spainish Moss grow in the Pacific NW? where does one find a seller?

  4. deladybex 05/10/2011

    Hi. How glourious to have around you and what a wonderment we never see much of . How lovely for you to have to enjoy!! This Moss also grows in Florida on trees. I used to get it for my plants. I am wondering if you have allegies does this affect you? I was there for only a short time so I am asking .

    I would like your permission to print and frame this picture?

  5. greenthumblonde 05/10/2011

    I can't grow spanish moss in my zone but I could try to get the same effect with dichondra silver falls hanging in hidden pots from a big ash in my back yard. Oooh. Thanks for the idea. Watering is going to be a challenge.

  6. GuidasGarden 05/10/2011

    Hi gottagarden,
    The Spanish Moss is on a Pepper tree. We had two lovely old Pepper trees on our property but they both died from Oak Root Fungus. This one luckily my husband had already started the moss on it. The other one we tried to use as a trellis for climbing roses. It was gorgeous but after a few years, the disease took the roses too. We have since planted Chinese Wisteria on it which is thriving some five years later. Chinese Wisteria is resistent to oak Root Fungus. Back to the moss.. my husband bought a sprig of it at a garage sale in Laguna Beach, CA some 13 years ago. Shortly after we moved here and he brought it with him. As it grew he moved sprigs here and there amongst the branches and this is the result. It is know as Danny's Spanish Moss Tree. We do water it, more so in the Summer, it gets the precious tiny flowers on it iin July. I like the "Moss Room" it has created, a secluded little spot to have a refreshment. Glad you like it.

  7. GuidasGarden 05/10/2011

    Hi deladybex,
    My husband who has some allergic reactions does not have any reactions to the moss.

    Yes, you can print and frame this picture. Thanks so much.

  8. sheilaschultz 05/10/2011

    This photo easily could have been taken in New Orleans, I think I'm in love! How cool is it that all this glorious moss came from a sprig? Dreamy...

  9. user-7006879 05/10/2011

    Oh my gosh, how dreamy, just beckoning you to come sit and relax!! I am envious. No where in my yard is there a place to even try something like this. Not in Zone 3-4

  10. GuidasGarden 05/10/2011

    Are you sure???

  11. GuidasGarden 05/10/2011

    Hi Sheila,
    Yes, all from a sprig and you can't imagine how much moss my husband has given away and sold. Spanish moss, staghorn ferns and now small trees are his specialities, oh and topiary.
    He's a wonder in the garden...
    Thank you for your comments. I llke them.

  12. arboretum 05/11/2011

    IF you are of a certain age and/or cultural awareness, you might get an 'Aha!' chuckle when I say that My Love just mentioned that it should be called ZZ Top moss!!
    How cool! Thanks for sharing.

  13. GuidasGarden 05/11/2011

    Hi Arboretum,
    Ha, I totally get it and you won't believe this but we have a hot rod that came with the liscense plate ZZ WHO. It's a red 34 Ford three window coupe. I guess ZZ Top has one!!! Funny concidence tha tyou should see ZZ in our moss. I can hardly wait to tell my husband you said that. Thanks.

  14. soilgoil 05/11/2011

    Your photo brought back fond memories of my beautiful little canyon-side garden when I lived in San Diego in the 1980s. There was a pepper tree naturally draped in Spanish moss, the perfect place for table, chairs, and a comfy lounge. It was my all-time favorite garden, and I still miss it.

  15. soilgoil 05/11/2011

    For bectoria 7: I don't know if Spanish Moss grows here in the Pacific Northwest, but I have noticed something similar draping Madrona trees in shaded areas. You might want to check with your local extension office to see what it is.

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