Regional November Garden To-Do Lists

Store your hoses indoors to prevent them from cracking over winter. Photo: Michele Christiano

Regional differences really make themselves known in the November garden. For many, this is the time to wrap up the garden for the winter and focus on indoor gardening. This is also the time to consider building a cold frame for fresh vegetables all winter long if you live in a colder climate. Gardeners in milder climates can set about growing a fall or winter vegetable garden without needing a cold frame. Have you already planted bulbs? If not, it’s not too late, even if your garden already received an early layer of snow. Planting bulbs in containers is also still an option and can be done until late into winter.

The next few months are also a time to begin dreaming and redesigning your current garden. What worked this year and what didn’t? Garden catalogs begin to come out this time of year and are your best friend for inspiration. The different perspective winter offers may help you identify key areas you want to change, move, or invest in more for next year. If the lack of color in your garden is really getting you down, you may also want to consider adding some winter interest to keep you going through the cold season. Festive cold-season containers can also be a sight for sore eyes during the winter months!