Favorite Cottage Gardens from Garden Photo of the Day

There are over 80,000 searches for “cottage garden” on Google every year. And for good reason. The vision of the classic, charming, overflowing cottage garden is what many gardeners imagine when they consider their future gardens. Below, you’ll find some of the submissions to our Garden Photo of the Day blog over the year that fall into the “cottage garden” category. From Toronto to Florida, gardeners are working to create their own version of a cottage garden.

What are the elements of a cottage garden?

There are a few similarities you’ll find across cottage gardens, no matter where you are. These include a focus on mass plantings, pollinator plants, flowering climbers as well as the structures they need to grow, alluring pathways, and secret garden rooms. Learn more about the traditional elements of a cottage garden here.


Learn more about how to create a cottage garden

Ideas and Inspiration for a Cottage Garden