Tony Fulmer

Tony Fulmer

Tony Fulmer is chief horticulture officer for Chalet, a specialty nursery in Wilmette, Illinois.

  • deer-resistant plants for the midwest
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    Plants That the Herbivores Will Avoid in the Midwest

    Fionuala Campion says in her article, Dazzling Deer-Resistant Perennials, "Though very graceful and delightful to behold in their native habitat, deer are a voracious force to reckon with in many…

  • Northern bayberry
    Midwest Regional Reports

    Drought-Tolerant Shrubs for the Midwest

    According to NASA Earth Observatory, one-third of the United States experienced some level of drought in 2020. Unfortunately, we know this was not a random anomaly but an increasing trend with…

  • Regent Saskatoon Serviceberry
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    Shrubs for Small Spaces in the Midwest

    Mark Weathington, director of the JC Raulston Arboretum at NC State University in Raleigh, North Carolina, discusses several small shrub varieties that provide big interest in a petite package as…

  • Design

    Grow This Hydrangea for Its Foliage—and Its Ability to Climb

    A lively argument (at least at a gathering of solid horticulturists) could be had over crowning the “Queen of Vines,” although that sobriquet has generally been reserved for Her Majesty…

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    Regional Picks: Showy Shrubs – Midwest

    See regional picks for showy shrubs, and read the article by Paul Cappiello for even more ideas. “Show-stopping shrubs—you know the kind. You’re leading a group of friends around the…

  • Design

    A Small Tree With Four-Season Impact

    Have you ever experienced PSFM? It stands for “post-spring flower melancholy.” It occurs after nature has given her best color seemingly all at once and then it’s over. Wouldn’t it…

  • Jakobsen Mugo Pine
    Midwest Regional Reports

    Conifers for Gardens in the Midwest

    See regional picks for conifers, and read the article by Andrew Brand for even more ideas. “Evergreen conifers provide the bones for any landscape. They offer a variety of colors,…

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    Regional Picks: Plants That Glow – Midwest

    Midwest   1. ‘Molly Fordham’ Rhododendron   Name: Rhododendron ‘Molly Fordham’ Zones: 5 to 7 Size: 4 feet tall and 3 to 4 feet wide Conditions: Partial shade; well-drained, acidic…

  • Bobo Panicle Hydrangea
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    Regional Picks: Foundation-Friendly Plants – Midwest

    Find foundation-friendly plants for the Midwest below, and read the article by Nick McCullough for even more ideas: “The most critical aspect of your foundation beds is selecting plants that…

  • Article

    Regional Picks: Fast-Filling Plants – Midwest

    1. 'Little Joe' Joe Pye Weed Name: Eutrochium dubium ‘Little Joe’ USDA Hardiness Zones: 3 to 9 Size: 4 feet tall and 3 feet wide Conditions: Full sun; moist soil Joe Pye…