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Five Attractive Edibles for Containers

Don’t overlook these five tasty beauties when looking to enhance your pots

edibles for containers

Ornamental edibles are a wonderful way to get the best of both worlds. The addition of these beauties to your containers helps to flesh out otherwise humdrum designs—and you can eat them too! Take a look at these unusual edible plant varieties to work into your container designs.

1. Cabbage

close up of red cabbage
Photo: Kerry Ann Moore

With its large round heads that come in green, red, or both, cabbage adds a strong shape that can highlight the looser forms of other plants.

2. Bronze fennel

close up of bronze fennel
Photo: Michelle Gervais

The plumes of bronze fennel lighten up dense plantings with their airy structure, while their dark color keeps them from blending into the background.

3. ‘Redbor’ kale

Redbor kale
Photo: Michelle Gervais

The distinct upright habit, curled leaves, and strong color of ‘Redbor’ kale provide plenty of options to play off of when designing a container.

4. Swiss chard

close up of red Swiss chard
Photo: Stephanie Fagan

It’s wonderful that Swiss chard’s crinkly upright leaves provide a dose of shape and texture, but even better are the colorful stalks that hold the foliage aloft.

5. Lemon verbena

close up of lemon verbena
Photo: John Glover/

With a can’t-miss upright form and attractive, lemon-scented foliage, lemon verbena adds a strong visual statement to any pot it is in.

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  1. frank_hornsby 07/24/2014

    good food.

  2. User avater
    simplesue 03/26/2019

    Beautiful vegetables, just as ornamental as any flower!

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