Antonio Reis

  • Design

    2 Ways to Design Bold Gardens

    Whether you are designing for the front or the back, creating impact is all about balance

  • Design

    Container Rehab

    Get more drama out of late-season pots with easy swaps and edits

  • Kitchen Gardening

    Carrots to Covet

    These varieties are easy to grow and guaranteed not to let you down at harvest time

  • Design

    Container Materials

    Choose containers for their durability and looks

  • Design

    Stylish Sheds

    Both form and function lead the way to a storage space you can be proud of

  • How-To

    Basic Pruning Tools

    New to pruning? Antonio Reis, assistant editor at Fine Gardening magazine, shows you the tools you’ll need to get started maintaining your trees and shrubs. There’s no need to spend…

  • Kitchen Gardening

    Grow Vol. 9 Extras

    For more expert advice and inspiration, check out Grow Vol. 9, Fine Gardening's guide to vegetable gardening. Lemon basils taste as good as they smellIn Grow 9, Susan Belsinger lays…

  • The Dirt

    How to Divide Intersectional and Tree Peonies

    Divide these spring-blooming beauties now and you'll be rewarded with more plants and blooms next spring.

  • Design

    There’s More than One Way to be Bold

    Any garden can be bold, like that of Marilyn Wallace. The spaces she creates, indoors and out, emphasize strong elements balanced by more delicate or intricate ones (or just empty…

  • Spring Combos

    Spring Plant Combinations for Seasonal Interest

    If you’re bored with the time between fading spring ephemerals and blooming summer beds, you’re missing out on an exceptionally beautiful period in the garden. The waking landscape offers rare…