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Sheila’s Vermont Garden in Spring

A whimsical New England garden full of inspiration from nature

garden patio next to a small man-made pond

Yesterday we explored the wild side of Vermont with Sheila, today she’s sharing what spring looks like in her garden.

I garden in northern Vermont, Zones 4–5 and recently took these photos. I have also sent in photos in the past. (To see how Sheila’s garden has evolved over the years, check out her previous submissions: Sheila’s Vermont Garden and Revisiting Sheila’s Vermont Garden.) 

small garden pond in foreground with spring flowers and small trees behindOur little pond has purple and pink phlox bordering the peastone gravel path. There are also potted pansies and violas, corkscrew hazel (Corylus avellana ‘Contorta’, Zones 4–8), Japanese maple, and scattered tulips, hostas, and sedum.

Hosta and sedum are bursting from the ground underneath a weigela. A cedar is just visible in the background. 

gravel path cutting through gardenThis path leads to the back of the garden. This photo shows some potted violas, globe arborvitae, and ‘Gold Mop’ false cypress (Chamaecyparis pisifera ‘Golden Mop’, Zones 4–8), and it features a nice view of the corkscrew hazel.

garden patio next to a small man-made pondOur second pond and secluded patio. (Jealous editor here! What a lush spot to have lunch or just sip a cup of coffee. Sheila created a space that captures the wild, organic beauty of nature but still kept it tame enough that human guests can use and enjoy the space.

garden shed with plants along one side and red tulips in the foregroundOn the side of the shed is a pot of pansies and forget-me-nots (Myosotis sylvatica, Zones 5–9). The tulips in the foreground are almost done. Phlox and astilbe are emerging along with a peony.

ferns and solomon's seal growing around a treeView down to the bottom of the garden from the shade garden with ferns and Solomon’s seal (Polygonatum humile, Zones 5–8)

view of garden and gravel paths from aboveOur more shaded side of the garden includes a whimsical sunken sink for a birdbath. A globe dwarf blue spruce (Picea pungens ‘Globosa’, Zones 3–7) is in the forefront with a yew. A mix of lilies, peonies, roses, and pulmonaria present lovely contrasting foliage and color. 

another view of gravel paths around gardenThis wider view shows off the paths. We have a mixture of stone, gravel, and grass paths that seem to work well together.

Along this side path behind my shed are a Japanese maple, white birch, ‘Gold Mop’ false cypress, and a small spruce, I think.

I love the slightly wild look of this scene. Two tree stumps cut deliberately at those heights form an entrance in either direction. Bleeding heart and clematis will add color soon. (Ditto, Sheila! Where some people might look at a tree stump and see an eyesore wasting space, Sheila saw the opportunity to create something unique and eye-catching. Those incredible mushrooms aren’t hurting either!)

Thanks for sharing Sheila. I hope to see photos from your garden again soon!


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  1. annegad 05/21/2024

    What a lovely garden, Sheila…a garden after my own heart. A perfect blend of woody and herbaceous. I have taken notes. Bravo!

  2. User avater
    simplesue 05/21/2024

    Really beautiful, I like your garden style, so natural and peaceful, and something to explore everywhere you go!

  3. User avater
    treasuresmom 05/21/2024

    So lovely!

  4. btucker9675 05/21/2024

    This is an enchanting garden! That gnarled hazel is magnificent...

  5. [email protected] 05/21/2024

    I have been taking notes, too. Lots of clever combinations and ideas. Thanks!

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