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Lee’s Tulips in Mohawk Valley

Tulips of every size, shape, and color from an enthusiast in New York

tulips of various colors growing under a shrub

We couldn’t have spring here at GPOD without an update from Lee and his fabulous tulips in New York. Lee is a GPOD regular who often shares beautiful and creative photos of his garden (Lee’s Backyard Escape, Back to the Mohawk Valley, and Lee’s Garden Through the Eyes of an Ant, to name a few), but his tulip collection is absolutely impressive every year (Dreaming of Tulips in New York and Flower Close-ups From Lee’s Garden). Lee says:

This is Lee here in the Mohawk Valley in central New York State. It’s been a damp spring here, but nevertheless, sunshine also complements the rain with blooms that we count on every season—this spring being no different.

I’ve compiled some colorful photos of tulips and only tulips, with everything else allowing front stage to them. The variations make tulips a spring favorite of many, me included, of course.

As always, I wish all growers a colorful spring, no matter where or how that color comes about. Spring gives us that “lift” from the winter doldrums and carries us into the rest of colorful blooms until late fall takes over. I hope everyone gets at least a little “bump” of enjoyment from my collection.

Peace from the Mohawk Valley in central New York State!

light pink and white tulipWho says roses are the most romantic flower? This delicate tulip is certainly saying otherwise. It looks like it could be the semi-double ‘Angelique’.

close up of bright yellow double-flowered tulipIf you haven’t found a tulip that catches your eye, you’re just not looking hard enough. From the lightest, most delicate pink and white to this bright yellow stunner, the variety is staggering.

close up of bright red tulipsYou can never go wrong with a classic. These bright red beauties (potentially Tulipa praestans ‘Fusilier’) literally shine in the sun, and the yellow base is just beckoning you in to take a smell.

red tulips in the shadeWhat a shape shifter! With a change of lighting, the bright red tulips mellow out a bit but still bring a needed pop of color to the spring garden.

tulips of various colors growing under a shrubThis is how I think tulips really shine—various colors clumped together to create a fireworks display of blooms. While other flowers in the same colors may look a bit garish, red, orange, yellow, and pink are all mixing in harmony here.

Carnaval De Nice tulipYou know tulips are a good time when you hear what they’re named after. If I’m right in my identification, this is Tulipa ‘Carnaval De Nice’, named after the Nice Carnival. While most of us think of Brazil when we think Carnival, evidence of the Nice Carnival can be found in records dating back to 1294. Wondering what Carnival has to do with tulips? Nice Carnival’s claim to fame is its incredible Flower Parade, featuring floats completely covered in fresh flowers.

Another view of a classic red tulip (potentially Tulipa ‘Red Emperor’)

Thanks so much for sharing your tulips with us again, Lee. I can tell it’s been another successful spring in your garden! If you’re a tulip-lover like Lee, let us know what your favorite varieties are, and share photos if you’ve got some in your garden.


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    simplesue 05/23/2024

    Oh how gorgeous! I just love your "semi-double ‘Angelique’." If I ever grow tulips your's was my inspiration to do so!

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