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Anna’s Wisconsin Garden

From overgrown bushes to flowery wonderland

pink flowers growing with various foliage plants

Anna Tsai in Bayside, Wisconsin, is welcoming us into her garden today.

The backyard was only some overgrown bushes and hostas when we moved in 24 years ago. I opened up flower beds, worked on the soil, and then started planting different plants that grow well in wet and shady areas. l also replaced the old and sick trees with my favorite evergreen trees. It’s a lot of work, but I enjoy seeing my garden completely changed.

large planting of dahlia amongst other colorful flowersHigh summer in the garden, with dahlias (Dahlia × variabilis, Zones 8–10 or as a tender bulb)

mulched garden path cutting through densely planted gardenThis garden is overflowing with beauty now, so it’s hard to believe it was just overgrown bushes before.

large elephant ear foliage growing above other plants aroundHuge leaves of elephant’s ear (Colocasia esculenta, Zones 7–11) make a dramatic textural contrast to the rest of the garden.

garden art surrounded by lush plants and large flowersBearded irises (Iris hybrids, Zones 3–8) steal the show in early summer.

vines with purple flowers growing over a large garden arborClematis (Clematis hybrids, Zones 4–8) drape an arbor in flowers.

bright pink flowers in front of gardenA sea of brilliant pink astilbe (Astilbe hybrid, Zones 4–9)

yellow flowers in front of purple flowers and evergreen plantsYellow Heliopsis helianthoides (Zones 3–9) takes center stage, backed up by beautiful astilbe.

pink flowers growing with various foliage plantsBeautiful foliage in contrasting colors and textures makes the perfect setting for a brilliant tower of lily (Lilium hybrid, Zones 4–8) blooms.

bright orange flowers as a focal point in the gardenGlowing orange daylilies (Hemerocallis hybrid, Zones 4–10)

brick path cutting through the densely planted gardenA final view of this magical garden


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  1. User avater
    simplesue 02/16/2023

    Your garden is spectacular, full of groups and layers of interesting plants, and all so healthy and thriving! Refreshing to see on this February day!

  2. User avater
    cynthia2020 02/16/2023

    Wow, Anna! Full, lush, colorful, and flowers at different heights.

  3. fromvirginia 02/16/2023

    Love the layers and the consistent use of blue spruce shrubs and trees throughout. Lovely! Thanks for sharing.

  4. jos29803 02/16/2023

    Absolutely beautiful and enchanting!!!!

  5. User avater
    user-7007816 02/16/2023

    Your garden is spectacular. Love the way you have mixed in the evergreen trees. One of the best gardens in this series.

  6. btucker9675 02/16/2023

    Your garden makes my heart happy!!

  7. User avater
    musabasjoosue 02/16/2023

    So many fabulous vignettes! We share a mixed garden approach using conifers with tropicals, perennials and annuals. Great job!

  8. janeeliz 02/16/2023

    SPECTACULAR! Love all your hot colors among the many beautiful shrubs. That lily is just gorgeous!

  9. [email protected] 02/21/2023

    This garden made me eager to start planning my garden additions, subtractions, transplants, etc. It's so well-appointed! Love it! As you can see I still have it up!

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