Growing Herbs

Learn everything you need to know about growing herbs, including great herb varieties, inspiration on how to use herbs, and recipes.

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    Grow an Herbal Tea Garden

    Is there anything more refreshing than a glass of iced tea on a hot summer day? What makes that tea even more delicious is growing your own herbs to prepare…

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    Enjoy a Cuppa: Blending Teas

    Cold weather inspires drinking hot beverages. When you come in from being out-of-doors on a frigid day, what do you want to drink?

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    Summer Fruits: From Salads to Shortcakes

    When I eat a dead-ripe peach, it is usually over the sink with the juice dripping down my chin and hands. When I am feeling more civilized, I do enjoy…

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    Holiday Gifts from Gardeners

    Lists for holiday gifts for gardeners are just about everywhere you look this month. But here’s a list with a twist: ideas for gifts from vegetable gardeners, like you.

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    DeBaggio Herb Farm and Nursery

    Last, though not least, I want to write about the last herb farm that we visited on our IHA field trip, DeBaggio Herb Farm and Nursery. Although they are closed…

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    July in the Garden

    Summer is full on and the garden is growing in leaps and bounds. Here in Maryland, we have had pretty great weather--our days have been in the upper 80s rather…

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    How to Enjoy The Cocktail Hour Garden

    After all those hours planting and tending the vegetable and herb garden, it’s finally time to start enjoying it. C.L. Fornari’s newest book offers ideas for putting garden-fresh herbs to…

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    Gardening for the Homebrewer Book Review

    Fall’s the perfect time to take the garden harvest and transform it into flavorful beers, wines, ciders and a little-known recipe for “the champagne of Britain.”

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    Grow Herbs for a Spa Experience

    A luxurious spa experience awaits you. All you need is The Herb Lover’s Spa Book and some fragrant herbs from your garden.

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    15 Reasons Why You Should Plant Herbs this Year

    If you've never grown a thing in your life -- start with herbs.