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Himalayan maidenhair fern

Adiantum venustum

ad-ee-AN-tum ven-OO-stum

Elegant, lacy foliage on black stems makes this maidenhair fern a standout, even among others in the genus. In addition, when new fronds emerge in late winter or early spring, they are bright bronze-pink. Only about a foot high, Himalayan maidenhair ferns can spread by creeping rhizomes to form a sizeable colony. They also make eye-catching indoor plants and pair well with orchids.

Noteworthy CharacteristicsLacy, delicate foliage on black stalks. Evergreen, but deciduous below 14°F. Spreads indefinitely.

CareGrow in moist but well-drained soil in part shade.

PropagationDivide in early spring. Sow spores when ripe at 59°F or warmer.

ProblemsGenerally problem-free, but scale insects may occur if fern is grown under glass.

  • Genus : Adiantum
  • Zones : 5, 6, 7, 8
  • Uses : Containers
  • Moisture : Medium Moisture
  • Maintenance : Moderate
  • Growth Rate : Moderate
  • Light : Partial Shade
  • Plant Type : Perennials
  • Characteristics : Showy Foliage
  • Plant Seasonal Interest : Spring Interest
  • Plant Height : Under 6 inches

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