• two container with various succulents

    Container Designs Built to Last

    I started asking more from my container designs when my kids were still young. Three seasons of interest no longer seemed like enough return. I was tired of starting over…

  • black plants in a garden

    Black Plants Done Right

    A garden with more drama and depth is just a few dark-colored plants away

  • Plants That Can Weather Winter’s Worst

    When you live in a cold climate, winter can wreak havoc on your plants. During cold, dry, windy winters, perennials can die by spring from desiccation, while during cold, wet,…

  • Small Trees That Like Shade

    A tiny shady spot in need of year-round structure: This is a scenario that gives even the most seasoned gardener nightmares. But areas like this are in every landscape—whether it’s…

  • garden flooding protection

    3 Steps to Minimize Flood Damage in the Garden

    IF you’ve experienced a flood, a wrong move after the water recedes can make a bad situation worse. To minimize flood damage in the garden, take these steps:  1. Identify the…

  • 3 Easy Hardwood Cutting Methods

    Create more of your favorite trees and shrubs with these unique methods

  • How Sustainable Is Your Landscape?

    Smart gardeners everywhere are jumping on the sustainable bandwagon. And when you consider all the payoffs of a sustainable landscape, it’s not hard to understand why. It typically uses less…

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