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  • Healthy Soil Is Just a Cover Crop Away

    Healthy soil provides a building block for healthy plants, so wouldn’t it be great if plants could give something back? In some cases, they do. That’s the purpose of cover…

  • One Color Keeps It Simple

    Our world is a riot of beautiful colors, and that extends into the aisles of the garden center. With all those choices to make, however, it can be difficult to…

  • Small Versions of Large Favorites

    Now you can have that plant that you’ve always dreamed of but never had the space for

  • Trees That Always Please

    You'll never regret the investment you make in these standout varieties

  • How to Build a Cold Frame

    Learn how to build a cold frame in this slideshow based on the article "How to Build a Cold Frame" by Rob Wotzak, which was featured in Fine Gardening issue…

  • Vegetables That Are Pretty

    In the quest to find something new and different for your garden each spring, it’s easy to zoom right past the offerings of veggie seeds and transplants on your way…

  • Easy-to-Build Cold Frame

    Experience has taught me that the simplest solution is often the best. I wanted to spend more time using my new cold frame than building it, so I designed a…

  • The Smarter Hydrangea

    This species sleeps past the danger of late frost, so it always blooms on time

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