Regional Picks: Plants for Wet Soil

Fine Gardening - Issue 136
From left to right: Greenhead coneflower, Photo: courtesy of Henriette’s Herbal; white calla lily, Photo: Danielle Sherry; and ‘Jacob Cline’ bee balm, Photo: Susan A. Roth

Lots of gardeners deal with at least one area of their property that never seems to dry out. As horticulturist Joseph Henderson explains in his article Plants for Soggy Spots, lots of plants flounder in these kinds of conditions: “Without a steady supply of air, waterlogged roots begin to gasp and eventually rot, killing the foliage above.”

Thankfully, a soggy spot doesn’t require a complete garden overhaul; it just requires the right plants that thrive in consistently wet conditions. Below, you’ll find plants for wet areas in your region. To find even more plants for wet soil, check out Joseph’s article: Plants for Soggy Spots.