The Best Native Plants for Your Region

Clockwise starting at top left: Bush anemone, Photo: Joshua McCullough; leatherleaf polypody Photo:; bushy bluestem, Photo:; seashore mallow, Photo:

Incorporating native plants into your landscape design is an easy way to help support your local wildlife. Native plants support native insects. If we keep our native insect populations healthy and thriving, it helps support native birds, who eat the insects as a food source. The chain of positive impacts that planting native plants provokes stretches throughout the food chain of organisms and can even help ward off potential threats such as blights or pest outbreaks.

Below, you’ll find some of our favorite native plant picks for the different regions of the United States. These plants stand out for their potential to positively affect your area and because they are beautiful specimens that will be right at home in your ornamental beds and borders.


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