Sheila Schultz and Laurel Startzel

Sheila Schultz and Laurel Startzel are a mother-daughter container gardening duo based in Tucson, Az. Shortly after Sheila won her first Fine Gardening Container Challenge while living in Denver, they formed the Denver Dirty Girls, an aptly named container gardening business. Since relocating to Arizona, they have continued their partnership with DDG Container Gardening. They specialize in containers bursting with cacti, succulents and the unexpected. Laurel and Sheila are known for their lush designs combining succulents and other foliage plants that often include perennials, annuals and grasses. They will even throw in the occasional flowering plant when needed… as long as it is low maintenance and not too thirsty!

Sheila is a lifetime gardener and an award winning container garden designer with a passion for all things quirky. Sheila’s approach and style sets her apart from the rest.

Laurel is an interior designer with a love for gardening whose design eye blurs the barrier between the indoors and out. With years of container gardening and design experience under her belt, she has found her niche working hand-in-hand with Sheila to produce one-of-a-kind container designs.

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