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Southwest: April Garden To-Do List

Ice plants. Photo: Laurel Startzel

Move potted ice plants (Delosperma spp. and cvs., Zones 5-11)  to a shadier spot in your garden for the rest of the summer months. They require less water beginning in April.

Photo: Laurel Startzel

Start planting cactus, succulents, citrus, and transplanting perennials. Be sure to increase your watering routine as temperatures rise.

Carpenter bee. Photo: Laurel Startzel

Bee kind! You may begin to see carpenter bees becoming more active this time of year. These guys are fantastic pollinators, so don’t discourage them from their job.

Sheila Schultz and Laurel Startzel are a mother-daughter duo who founded Denver Dirty Girls Container Gardening while living in Denver, Colorado and have continued their business since moving to Tucson, Arizona.

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