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    Pacific Northwest Regional Reports

    Perennial Rebloomers for the Northwest

    Dan Robarts says in his article on reblooming perennials, "...the criteria I generally adhere to for earning a spot in the beds at my home or botanical garden workplace center…

  • Tough-Leaf Iris
    Pacific Northwest Regional Reports

    Great Native Plants for the Northwest

    Growing native plants is the gardening equivalent of having your cake and eating it too. Not only are these plants beautiful and more likely to thrive in your landscape, they…

  • Pacific Northwest Regional Reports

    Exciting Evergreens for the Northwest

    Evergreens are crucial to achieving varied texture and form, as well as the key to any successful four-season garden. Unfortunately, many gardeners would put a lot of evergreens in the…

  • Pacific Northwest Regional Reports

    Regional Picks: Variegated Plants for Shade—Northwest

    See regional picks for variegated plants for shade, and read the article by Andy Brand for even more ideas. “While the cool, shady areas have provided me with the opportunity…

  • Pacific Northwest Regional Reports

    Regional Picks: Short Plants – Northwest

    See regional picks for short plants, and read the article by Steve Aitken for even more ideas. “As I began amassing countless short varieties, only some of which worked in…

  • alternative hedge ideas

    Beyond the Green Wall: Naturalistic Hedge Ideas

    Whether you live in town or the country, privacy in and around your home can be an essential part of comfort, peace, and well-being. As gardeners, we naturally look to…

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    Regional Picks: Plant It And Forget It – Northwest

    1. Creeping Oregon Grape Name: Mahonia repens Zones: 5-9 Size: 2 feet tall and 3 feet wide Conditions:Full sun to full shade; well-drained soil When it comes to natives, Oregon…