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Perfect Morning in Johana’s Garden

A magical moment

Perfect Morning in Johana’s Garden

This is Johana in Aiken, South Carolina. I had a different set of photos I was planning to submit, but when I awakened this morning to such a beautiful sight from my windows, I grabbed my phone and tried to capture the beauty I was seeing.

walkway casted in shadows from round shrubsThis photo is of the front walkway, and since it was early morning, the playful shadows and shapes reminded me of Alice Through the Looking Glass.

two front garden bed with foliage plantsThis photo shows the ligustrum (Ligustrum japonicum, Zones 7–10) in the background in full flower.

bird nest in a treeIn this photo you can see the nest by our back door. This is where my husband and I watched a pair of mockingbirds build the nest.

Here you can again see the blooming ligustrum in the background, with the false cypress (Chamaecyparis pisifera, Zones 4–8) and Euonymus (Zones 5–9).

close up of two ligustrum in bloomHere is a closer view of the ligustrum in bloom. Though often thought of as a foliage or hedging plant, ligustrum can flower heavily, and the blooms are quite fragrant.

I wish I were a better photographer, but I do hope I captured some of the beauty of this day. Thank you, and happy gardening to all.


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  1. User avater
    cynthia2020 06/07/2023

    Hi, Johana. It sounds like you were inspired to capture the strong shapes created by the light and shadow in your garden that day!
    I like how you included the mockingbird nest in your gardening story, too.

  2. btucker9675 06/07/2023

    Love that you enjoy the play of light and shadow in your garden, and that ligustrum is gorgeous! Thank you for sharing this!

  3. User avater
    bdowen 06/07/2023

    What a wonderful way for you to start your day and a reminder to all of us to treasure those moments of beauty before we tackle the weeds!

  4. User avater
    simplesue 06/08/2023

    Such a pretty place...and a Mockingbird nest- wow!

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