Tip: How to Photograph Your Garden

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Taking a photo in a garden is tricky, and more often than not, it doesn’t come out looking as good as you know your garden really is. Follow a few pointers from professional garden photographers. Take photos only on cloudy days or in the early morning or early evening, when there are no shadows to create harsh contrasts. Be aware of things that you naturally ignore when looking at your garden but that stick out like sore thumbs in a photo: power lines, cars in the driveway, or an unswept patio. And the best secret of all? Throw away all the bad shots and only show off the good ones.

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  1. edwardalex 02/21/2022

    Yes, I understand that photographing a garden is difficult; nevertheless, because I am working with professional Wikipedia experts and don't have enough time to photograph my garden, I hired a professional photographer to do it.

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