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Laurie’s House Full of Plants

Added lights for added greenery

houseplants in winter

Snowed in? Tired of winter? Well, today we’re visiting Laurie Fischer’s house, which is full of beautiful houseplants!

houseplants in winterI love this image Laurie sent in of blooming, thriving plants inside—in stark contrast to the snowy scene outside. If you are a gardener in a cold climate, you need a space like this to get through the long winter!

houseplants in an officeWhat a wonderful workspace filled with plants. Notice that there are ample lights hanging above the plants at the window. Adding artificial lights to supplement dark windows and to lengthen the short winter day can dramatically increase the number of houseplants you can grow successfully. And best of all, modern LED lights are energy efficient, making them an affordable way to keep your plants well-lit.

Geraniums as houseplantsGeraniums (Pelargonium hybrid) are usually grown as summer annuals in cold climates, but with light supplementing the window, they can keep producing their colorful blooms indoors all winter.

You hardly need curtains when you have this many houseplants! I love that Laurie uses ordinary light fixtures to help provide her plants with enough light. Grow lights can be an attractive part of your décor while still keeping plants happy.


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  1. Rebeccazone7 02/08/2021

    Gorgeous houseplants and something, for me at least, that is a necessity. I've recently found a nursery that is filled with rare indoor plants...OH NO...Where to put more ceiling hooks??

  2. User avater
    treasuresmom 02/08/2021

    Wow! Lovely.

  3. User avater
    simplesue 02/08/2021

    Love that photo with the contrast of the outdoors with twilight snow and the warm glowing houseplants inside.
    I almost feel like that little snow covered Rhodie is looking in and wishing it were on the other side of the window!
    Very pretty photos, I think you've inspired me to clean up one of my rooms filled with house plants...or maybe just put it off another day...LOL!
    I'm seriously amazed at how many house plants you have that are full of blooms! So pretty!

  4. user-5117752 02/08/2021

    I'm too lazy to have a lot of house plants. What a treat to see yours. Green life and geraniums blooming! Simply lovely. Only 40 days 'till spring, y'all!

  5. carolineyoungwilliams 02/08/2021

    Thank you Laurie for sharing your beautiful blooms. I appreciate and welcome their beauty while I try to wait patiently for Spring. :-)

  6. btucker9675 02/08/2021

    Lovely! For the winter, I move the outdoor pots from my back porch to my garage which has big windows and this year one of the geraniums that wasn't doing too well has actually decided that the garage is awesome and has doubled in size!

  7. katherine_8 02/08/2021

    Love your plants and antiques, Laurie!! Well done. Very nice and homey :)

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