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Cherry’s Amaryllis

A classic winter-blooming houseplant

close up of two different pink and white amaryllis

Today Cherry Ong in British Columbia is sharing some of her amaryllis (Hippeastrum hybrids, Zones 8–10 or as houseplants) from last winter. This is perfect inspiration for buying some to enjoy yourself in the coming months.

Here are some of the results of my procrastination gardening last winter. I always forget to dry them in the summer and store them in the fall, but I’m still thankful for all these flowers after the new year’s arrival.

white amaryllis beginning to bloomHippaestrum ‘Mont Blanc’ is just beginning to open. One of the pleasures of growing hippeastrum is that indoors, and during the winter when there is little other gardening to do, you can really take the time to enjoy every detail of their blooming cycle.

white amaryllis in full bloomWhen fully open, the blooms of ‘Mont Blanc’ reveal the delicate green at their throats.

close up of amaryllis with dark red and lime green pattern on petalsHippaestrum papilio is sometimes called the butterfly amaryllis due to the exquisite patterns on the petals. Unlike most of the amaryllis species and hybrids grown as houseplants, papilio is an evergreen, meaning you shouldn’t let the bulbs dry out and go dormant but should keep them watered and in bright, indirect light all through the growing season.

close up of two different pink and white amaryllisHippaestrum ‘Pink Surprise’ and ‘Apple Blossom’ look beautiful together with their similar but complementing shades of pink.

close up of light pink and white amaryllis flowerCherry says that this plant of ‘Apple Blossom’ pushed out leaves before sending up a flowering spike, making her think she had failed as a gardener. But then the flower stem emerged, and clearly all is well!

close up of light pink amaryllis flowerA friend gave Cherry this ‘Pink Surprise’ as a gift. And what a beautiful gift it is!

For more info on growing amaryllis, check out this article : Amaryllis: A Long-Blooming, Time-Tested Seasonal Showstopper


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  1. User avater
    simplesue 12/23/2022

    So nice to have my coffee this morning with snow outside and to look at your beautiful amaryllis so nicely displayed and photographed! I had no idea there was an evergreen type (Hippaestrum papilio) good info to learn! I love that "Pink Surprise"!

  2. sheila_schultz 12/23/2022

    What a fun collection of Amaryllis, and like Simplesue, I didn't know about evergreen types! Happy Holidays, Cherry!!!

  3. user-7392754 12/23/2022

    Beautiful!!! What a treasure to have flowers in the winter! I love how you photographed them also!

  4. btucker9675 12/23/2022

    Such beautiful colors and I've always loved the elegance of amaryllis.

  5. schatzi 12/23/2022

    Beautiful photos. I enjoy Amaryllis every year and currently have 8 in bloom under lights in my livingroom window that looks out into the greenhouse. A beautiful red-orange one called Mango is new to me this year. Another favorite is pink with white edge. I also have 6 Poinsettias in various colors. Have to have my winter flowers! To go with my assortment of Gesneriads and moth orchids. I always enjoy Cherry's posts. Happy Holidays everyone!

  6. Bege1985 05/17/2023

    I love these photos. The pure white flowers are like the life of a girl in house of hazards. You will be free to choose your life when playing this game.

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