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Some Houseplant Successes This Winter

Getting better with indoor growing

Rabbits foot fern growing in a hanging basket inside

This is Joe in northern Indiana. I’m a confident gardener outside, but I often struggle with houseplants. They are, however, a pretty essential aspect of getting through our long, cold, snowy winters, so I’ve been trying more, and have had some successes I’m happy with.

Rabbits foot fern growing in a hanging basket insideRabbit’s foot fern (Davallia fejeensis) has been an easy-to-grow star for me. When I first bought it, it looked terrible; the fronds all got brown and crispy on the edges. But I think that was just the process of adapting to the conditions in my house because after that, it put out new, beautiful green fronds and has been thriving in pretty low light and my often-forgetful watering schedule.

fuzzy fern rhizomes growing out and around side of potThe fuzzy rhizomes are on the move. I think this plant is going to turn the hanging pot it is in into a solid ball of fern soon, which will be cool!

close up someone holding an air plantAir plants (Tillandsia) have been a struggle for me in the past. I’ve tried misting them, but that never seem to get them enough water. But I’ve got a new schedule for caring for them that seems to be working great.

various air plants soaking in a sink full of waterOnce every week or two, they all go in the sink and get a soak in lukewarm water for about 20 minutes while I check if my other houseplants need water. They’ve done great!

small potted cactus in front of windowLow light is an issue in my house, and some plants are suffering for it. This little cactus is stretching because it is just too shaded. I think I’m just going to have to let this one go and choose more low-light plants.

various houseplants in the corner of a roomBut I have found a solution to some of my dark areas away from windows. This corner of my home office has no windows, but plants are thriving because . . .

LED lights on ceiling used to give houseplants light. . . I put cheap LED lights on the ceiling! LED lights are affordable and so energy efficient it costs almost nothing to run them. They have allowed me to green up more corners of my house.


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  1. sandyprowse 03/30/2023

    Joe, that was a very interesting posting of indoor plants. I have never seen a rabbit’s foot fern before and just love it! Your idea of the lighting on the ceiling rocks! Well done.

  2. Oxdriftgardener 03/30/2023

    When I read your first paragraph it sounded like I was talking to myself. My talents outside may rock, but certainly not inside. I have a crapload of plants inside in the winter just to carry the succulents and coleus over for the next year's exterior garden but no actual houseplants. I have the same low light issues as well as very low humidity in winter because we heat with wood.
    Your fern looks great

  3. User avater
    simplesue 03/30/2023

    Very impressive Rabbit's Foot Fern- it looks amazing and also amazing how you brought it back to health!

  4. sheila_schultz 03/30/2023

    Houseplants were my first gardening venture way back when! Don't you just love your Rabbits Foot fern? I've always loved being surrounded by plants, they have definitely been my happy place inside and out. Philodendrons come in all shapes and sizes and are quite tolerant of low light situations, keep adding to your collection.

  5. btucker9675 03/30/2023

    I have many houseplants and enjoyed your post. My newest are succulents in multiple pots on an antique wooden ironing board in our bright eat in area of the kitchen. I also have a maidenhair fern that I've been able to bring back from near death but putting it in our bathroom where I can water it as often as it needs. The window is large, but the light is filtered so it seems very happy. Also have an aloe vera and a philodendron in there. Love plants inside and out!!

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