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Gardening in North Dakota

Huge yields from a chilly garden

perfect rows of vegetable crops in a large garden bed

Today’s photos are from Shiloh in Williston, North Dakota, a chilly spot at the edge of Zones 3 and 4, but that doesn’t stop Shiloh from having a beautiful, productive garden!

large garden bed before plants are growingHere’s the garden bed. A lack of space is not a problem out here. Add a little irrigation and you get great productive gardens.

view of garden bed from a far with plants beginning to growPlants are beginning to grow in. You can see the healthy potatoes mulched with straw on the right side of the image. The line of conifers provides a little windbreak from the wide open prairie landscape.

perfect rows of vegetable crops in a large garden bedCorn, squash, potatoes—everything looks immaculate, and there’s not a weed in sight! You can see that Shiloh uses strings down the length of the bed to make sure each row is perfectly straight and orderly. Planting the corn four rows deep like this ensures that it can effectively pollinate itself and give a good harvest.

pile of recently harvested potatoesAnd look at this beautiful crop of potatoes! They are picture perfect. Some four-legged helpers look on, overseeing the digging.


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  1. user-7392754 05/24/2023

    What a wonderful veggie garden!!! You have a very spacious plot of land to use!! Lucky you!!! Enjoy the fruits of your labor!!!

  2. User avater
    simplesue 05/24/2023

    Your vegetable garden is an amazing accomplishment! In my wildest dreams I have one just like this! And I just adore your dog!

  3. btucker9675 05/24/2023

    What a great veggie garden! I planted potatoes in one of my raised beds for the first time this year and they are looking very healthy so I am hoping for some nice potatoes. Not anything like your harvest though! We are also planting some heirloom corn... this will be a trial run. Fingers crossed!

  4. josepga 05/25/2023

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  5. user-7017435 05/30/2023

    You've done a beautiful job with the new vegetable garden. After spending $3.50 for one tomatoe this weekend I can imagine how much you'll save the first season alone. Good luck at harvest time.

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