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bright yellow flowers with pool in the background

Today we’re in Ilion, New York, visiting with Lee. We’ve been to Lee’s garden before (Lee’s Backyard Escape), and it is great to be back to see more of it.

Here in the Mohawk Valley in central New York, we are over the winter hump and a month away from those early plants pushing up and flowering. I have plenty of planting to do, as always—an exercise that pays off handsomely. I am providing some additional pictures for submission, hoping to catch a few eyes and maybe bring some enjoyable anticipation for others for this coming season.

I wish your team and all of your viewers a great growing and flowering season. I have found one thing in common among growers—we all possess positive energy that has the ability to “travel” from one person to another. I’ve never seen a grumpy gardener. I am sure that others find great joy in their own world and for all of those who visit and experience our escape and our Heaven on Earth.

We all need a respite when we can totally let go, and after four decades of gardening, this is that respite for me. I find great enjoyment in viewing others’ gardens and creations just as much as mine. It has a way of bringing us together without ever actually meeting.

summer flowers in bloom around a garden sun roomMy sun-rain room will be finished this season, bringing another dimension to the overall landscape. It’s a see-through room, with all glass front and rear, so one can be anywhere outside and see the trout stream behind the room. It’s basically made from old hemlock fencing and barn board that I planed. I added great character and function with six panes of 4×6 hockey glass from the Adirondack Bank Center, home of the Utica Comets.

shattered glass behind a pink lilyOne piece of glass had a different plan after having been installed for over a year. Ever see shattered hockey glass? Ha. I added a picture of that for a “wow” effect with a lily still showing from the outside.

close up of deep pink and white dahlia flowersDahlia (Dahlia × variabilis, Zones 9–11 or as a tender bulb) flowers blooming by the pool

bright yellow flowers with pool in the backgroundBlack-eyed Susan (Rudbeckia, Zones 3–9) and other perennials surround the pool area with flowery beauty

close up of purple coneflower with two bumblebeesBumblebees love purple coneflowers (Echinacea purpurea, Zones 3–8) even more than humans do!

close up of white and pink oriental liliesA stunning oriental lily (Lilium hybrid, oriental group, Zones 5–9)— I wish the incredible fragrance could be photographed!

large honeysuckle plantsHoneysuckle (Lonicera sp.) covered in beautiful orange flowers


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  1. Oxdriftgardener 03/15/2023

    The mass of honeysuckle makes a gorgeous, almost tropical background. I have had a gold flame honeysuckle in the ground for 3 summers and still no blooms. Hoping this will be the year.

    1. MohawkValley 03/15/2023

      Hi, Oxdrift -

      The mandarin honeysuckle is probably sixteen years old or more now . I have wisteria that has traveled fifteen feet and is now part of that mix , along with the jackmanii clematis . It gets quite interesting from the kitchen door , along the entire deck , then the length of the pool ,,, probably fifty feet in length . Thank you for the comment .

  2. janeeliz 03/15/2023

    You've got lots of 'WOW' factor in your garden, Lee. I love the sun-rain room-especially that cracked glass window. Your dahlias and lilies are spectacular. Do you have the Asiatic Lily beetle to deal with? I hope not. And, of course that spectacular honeysuckle. It's a white world here in Maineso your photos are most welcome. Thanks.

    1. MohawkValley 03/15/2023

      Hi there , Jane ???

      Well , that hockey pane is now in pails , probably about 150 lbs . I only had six (6) 4 x 6 panes so I relocated one from the rear furthest from the creek , and brought it up front . I then lucked out on Craigslist and ran across a double-pane from a bay window at 4 x 5 . I framed the bottom of the rear cavity up a foot and call it a done deal . Ha . I have a knee-wall under all of the panes anyway , so this one is a foot higher . No big deal on the backside ... Thanks for the comment .

    2. MohawkValley 03/16/2023

      I do believe that I have those Lily beetles and they seem to like ONLY those . The ones I have look just like a lady bug but they are red and have no spots . They showed up about three years ago . Tip : I spray them and the lily with a mixture of neem oil , a natural oil that seems to keep them at bay . A teaspoon of oil , some dish soap for helping to get the oil to emulsify with the (warm) water (one quart or so) . Shake really well and spray away . It is super-cheap and will last forever . It will not adversely affect any plant that I have seen yet . Someone else may want to chime in ....

  3. btucker9675 03/15/2023

    That sun-rain room... gardeners may not be grumpy, but I sure suffer from garden envy when looking at photos from everyone! This structure is fabulous and your garden equally so.

    1. MohawkValley 03/15/2023

      Hopefully , if things go well , I should be in good shape by mid-summer . The rain experience is quite enjoyable with all of the glass . Thanks for the comment .

  4. jos29803 03/15/2023

    I agree with you Lee, we all need a place to let go, and the garden is a great place to do it. It is the place that "Hope Springs Eternal". Your garden is lovely and thanks for sharing. I enjoy seeing other creations and getting inspired. Unfortunately, the rain and frost in Aiken, SC did some damage to my garden, so it will be evolving this year, but I am excited about the changes to come.

  5. User avater
    simplesue 03/16/2023

    Oh your garden is gorgeous.
    I love that planting arrangement of all the coneflowers around a statue it just sits there so nicely.
    And yes I agree all of us gardeners sort of meet here unofficially, which is nice!

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