Late-Winter and Early-Spring Bloomers for Your Region

Fine Gardening – Issue 209
Photos from left to right: Rue anemone, courtesy of Ed Lyon; Kannah Creek® sulphur buckwheat, Jerry Pavia; Eastern pasqueflower courtesy of Chris Schlenker

In Jason Reeves’s article Plants That Bloom in Late Winter or Early Spring, he discusses how plants that bloom during the coldest time of the year often go underappreciated:

“Some of these plants are common but often overlooked at nurseries because they are not in bloom when most people are shopping for plants in late spring or early summer. Others are more obscure and will take some searching to find. But each one of these early bloomers will bring life to garden beds at a time of year when it is most appreciated.”

If you think your late-winter and early-spring garden can only enjoy the interest of evergreens, colorful twigs, and interesting bark, think again. Find late-winter and early-spring bloomers for your region below. And find even more early risers in Jason’s article.