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Small Shrubs with Big Impact Webinar

Many modern landscapes are small. The amount of space we have to garden is shrinking as people want the blend of suburban life along with the conveniences of city living. Even where space might be available, a lot of avid gardeners still have other interests and obligations leaving less time…


October 20, 07:00 PM EST




Underrated Fall Bulbs (Webinar)

Big yellow daffodils and bold red hybrid tulips are fantastic, but they’re just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to fall bulbs. Whether it is plants from completely different genera (Erythronium anyone?) or off-the-beaten-path varieties within classic groups such as tulips or hyacinths, there is a nearly endless…


Creating a Garden Vignette (Webinar)

Do you ever look at your garden and realize you have a group of plants but no real design? This webinar will teach you how to utilize a plant’s characteristics to create small groupings that will delight the senses. Whether you want a garden that is exciting, relaxing, or both,…


Tomato Tips, Tricks, and Myths Webinar

It’s no secret that the tomato is a favorite summertime staple. Year after year, countless gardeners rely on this formidable and versatile fruit to mark the arrival of spring and then top off summer with a taste that is not only memorable but also irreplaceable. But the tomato is also…


Seed-Starting Tips and Techniques (Webinar)

Starting plants from seed opens a world of possibilities to gardeners of all skill levels. Many vegetables, annual flowers, and even perennial plants can be started from seed using a few basic supplies and easy-to-master techniques. This can be an economical way to fill garden space and enjoy a much…

new plants showing promise


New Plants Showing Promise

New plants are what make gardeners’ hearts skip a beat. Each year, many of us drool over the latest offerings at the nursery or read intently about up-and-coming perennials in our favorite magazine. But a lot of the time, you never hear about that plant again. After all, just because…


Truly Tough Shade Plants (Webinar)

While plenty of wonderful plants will grow in the shade, many of them can be a bit finicky. And it always seems that the prettiest ones—the ones we want the most—are the most needy. But there are options out there for gardeners who want attractive shade plants that don’t need…


Getting Control of Insects, Weeds, and Diseases - Webinar

Insect pests, out-of-control diseases, and unrelenting weeds—these are the things that keep gardeners up at night. Most of us know that reaching for a spray bottle of toxic chemicals isn’t the answer, but what is the right way to combat these gardening nemeses? Dr. Jeff Gillman, director of the UNC…


The Best Low-Maintenance Shrubs (Webinar)

Many shrubs grow just fine without any help from you. But which ones do that, and also look amazing? Which ones have the coolest foliage, the prettiest blooms, or both? Join the hosts of the award-winning podcast Let’s Argue About Plants for a live event in which they discuss the best…

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