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New Plants That Deserve Your Attention (Webinar)

Video: Paul Westervelt and Fine Gardening

Let’s face facts: new varieties can be pretty enticing to gardeners. They can also be disappointing. After planting yet another new purchase from the nursery only to watch it croak, it’s not hard to imagine swearing off new plants for good. After failing a few times, it can be tempting to simply stick to time-tested varieties. But some of those supposed “oldie but goodie” varieties aren’t what they once were. Additionally, some new plants have been upgraded in meaningful ways that improve the gardening experience—better habit, longer bloom time, enhanced disease resistance. Before you swear off new plants forever, join us to hear plant expert Paul Westervelt talk about newer varieties that are showing promise in trials and breeding programs across the country.


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Paul Westervelt

Paul Westervelt has run the annual and perennial programs for Saunders Brothers Nursery in Piney River, Virginia, since 2004, where he grows over 800 plant varieties across 13 different programs. When he’s not at the nursery, you’ll find Paul on his farm in central Virginia with his wife and two children (propagules). Although free time is hard to come by, Paul does like to travel, visiting and photographing gardens and landscapes around the country and abroad.


Photo: courtesy of Paul Westervelt


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  1. user-397574 04/21/2022

    Pictures and voice over not synched. Paul is talking about one thing but showing a totally different plant.

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