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Truly Tough Shade Plants (Webinar)

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While plenty of wonderful plants will grow in the shade, many of them can be a bit finicky. And it always seems that the prettiest ones—the ones we want the most—are the most needy. But there are options out there for gardeners who want attractive shade plants that don’t need much maintenance to thrive. Join the hosts of the award-winning podcast Let’s Argue About Plants for a live event in which they offer options for plants that are happy in shade—and look great, too. Danielle Sherry, executive editor of Fine Gardening, and Steve Aitken, editor-at-large, present an in-depth look at some amazing, tough plants for shade, offering tips on care, advice on placement, and even some design ideas. Joining Danielle and Steve is Andrew Brand, plant curator at Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens. If you want to learn how to spruce up your shade garden—and have a good time doing it—be sure to join us!

Presenters: Danielle Sherry, executive editor at Fine Gardening, and Steve Aitken, editor at large at Fine Gardening

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