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Put Public Garden Inspiration to Practical Use (Webinar)

Video: Andy Pulte and Fine Gardening

Public gardens are some of the best places to see high-impact, high-quality horticulture. Regional tradition, enthusiasm, and great gardening come together across every corner of North America in these wonderful gardens.

Visiting public gardens in your own region is without a doubt one of the best ways to make your own home garden better. Most public gardens are dedicated to educating the public about plants, gardening, and the natural world. This is a golden opportunity for both newbie and seasoned gardeners to find new plants and design ideas that really work.

This webinar will happen in two parts.  First, we will talk about how to get the most out of visiting a public garden.  Next, we will spend a considerable amount of time on some very practical tips to help you put newfound inspiration into practice.  This will include and focus on proper planting techniques for trees and shrubs. Questions like “Should I prune trees at time of planting?” will be answered.

Learn how to bring home the best ideas from your local botanic garden and implement them in a manageable way in your own beds and borders.


This webinar has passed. Watch the recording above.



Dr. Andy Pulte

Photo: courtesy of Andy Pulte

If you’re a subscriber to Fine Gardening or a member of our robust online member community, you know that Andy Pulte is one of our most active contributors. Andy grew up in the nursery industry in Grand Island, Nebraska. He received his Ph.D. in plant sciences from the University of Tennessee, where he is now on the faculty in the same department. His current responsibilities include teaching and advising, and he also coordinates UT’s plant sciences undergraduate program. Additionally, he speaks regularly to diverse groups and travels extensively to feed his passion for people and plants. Over his career, he has contributed to a variety of gardening publications and hosted a gardening radio show. He is also an internationally certified arborist. Andy gardens in a residential community north of Knoxville. He seeks out unusual plants for his home garden that inspire questions from those who visit.

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