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New Plants Showing Promise (Webinar)

Video: Fine Gardening and Richard Hawke

New plants are what make gardeners’ hearts skip a beat. Each year, many of us drool over the latest offerings at the nursery or read intently about up-and-coming perennials in our favorite magazine. But a lot of the time, you never hear about that plant again. After all, just because a plant is “new” doesn’t mean it’s “good.” Richard Hawke of the Chicago Botanic Garden has spent much of his career trialing plants. Each year he puts new offerings into the test gardens at CBG and monitors their overall performance. Do these new plants have a good habit? Do they get diseases easily? Do they come back reliably after a harsh winter (or four winters)? Over the past few years Richard has developed a list of newer plants that have done quite well in the trials—plants that he feels confident enough to recommend to gardeners—and even plant in his own landscape. In this webinar you’ll find out which new plants are worthy of your hard earned dollar.

Presenter: Richard Hawke, plant evaluation manager at the Chicago Botanic Garden in Glencoe, Illinois

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