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  • garden at end of season

    Garden Tools for Bulb Planting and the End of Season

    If you're checking the thermometer lately, you'll know that the end of the gardening season is fast approaching for many of us. But, if this chilly weather has you feeling…

  • Groundskeeper II shrub rake

    3 Reliable Garden Rakes for More Than Just Fall Cleanup

    These sturdy tines can penetrate tough materials Tested by Matt Mattus A rake may be the most practical yet unexciting of garden tools. But as many gardeners know, some rakes…

  • Barnel 15-inch combination cultivator/hoe

    Tools for Tackling the Toughest Weeds

    Two tools in one make this a versatile weed weapon A tool that I’m constantly turning to is my Barnel 15-inch combination cultivator/hoe. On one side of the forged head…

  • garden tools

    4 Must-Have Garden Tools That Make Spring Tasks Easier

    Spring’s arrival signifies new beginnings for gardeners. There’s a world of opportunity awaiting, and lots of work to be done as we race against the clock to finish all of…

  • Essentials Tools for Your Veggie Garden
    Kitchen Gardening

    Essentials Tools for Your Veggie Garden

    Gardening season is here! Now is the time to get out your garden gloves and tackle your veggie garden needs. Planting, mulching, and general tending are on the calendar, and…

  • Design

    6 Tools to Turn Garden Chores Into a Joy

    Gardeners know that the best way to ensure a good show in their beds is to get ahead of maintenance by starting early and doing tasks continuously. Chores like weeding…

  • This Hoe Is an Upgraded Classic

    This Hoe Is an Upgraded Classic

    You’ve got to be impressed when a classic tool is reinvented. This collinear hoe ­designed by Eliot Coleman has become my go-to tool for the vegetable garden. I use mine…

  • ARS SE45 Floral Shears

    Harvest Cut Flowers With These Floral Shears

    Anyone with a cutting garden needs a good pair of pruners. These 7-inch floral shears are perfect for when you need something a little smaller and less bulky than Felco…

  • Nejiri Gama Hand Hoe

    Remove Shallow Weeds Quickly With This Hand Hoe

    I’ve worked with other professional gardeners for over twenty-five years, and a tool that continues to be a popular part of our weeding arsenal is the Nejiri Gama hand hoe.…

  • Tweezers for Delicate Work in the Garden

    Tweezers for Delicate Work in the Garden

    Planting and pruning small, fragile items can be difficult. I cannot count the times I’ve cleared all the foliage from a string of pearls (Senecio rowleyanus, Zones 9–12) just by…