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Essentials Tools for Your Veggie Garden

Essentials Tools for Your Veggie Garden
Photo: Michelle Gervais

Gardening season is here! Now is the time to get out your garden gloves and tackle your veggie garden needs. Planting, mulching, and general tending are on the calendar, and the tools for the veggie garden listed below can help you do all of it.

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Veggie Garden Essentials

Heavy-duty gardening gloves that will last for years

gardening gloves
Photo: Andy Pulte

Life is too short, and I garden too much to waste my time on cheapo gloves. They need to be comfortable, fit well, and last a season or more. Coming in at about $40 a pair, these Bionic Gloves might seem like a luxury item to most gardeners. However, they have silicone finger pads for added fingertip longevity. Between each finger is flexible fabric that makes hand movement natural, and a flexible Velcro wrist closure keeps dirt out of the gloves while you’re working.



A nifty tool for many garden tasks

CobraHead Weeder and Cultivator
Photo: Andy Pulte

Made in Wisconsin, the Original CobraHead Weeder and Cultivator is one of the garden items I always keep nearby. You can do almost anything with it in the garden. My preferred use is ripping dandelions out of the ground, but when I’m not weeding, I use it to plant small transplants. I have also been known to trench shallow rows for seeding in my vegetable patch with its unique hood-shaped blade.



Make your veggie garden work with you with this book

Plant Partners book
Photo: Kim Toscano

There’s a lot of information out there about companion planting, but little of it has stood up to rigorous scientific testing. That’s where Plant Partners: Science-Based Companion Planting Strategies for the Vegetable Garden differs from other companion-planting books. This product is a remarkably thorough presentation of how companion planting works and why, along with strategies gardeners can use to achieve a diversity of goals, from pest management to soil conditioning.



Keep critters away from your veggies

garden cloches
Photo: Matt Mattus

My garden struggles include having too many wild rabbits who like to munch on my plants and three curious terriers who like to dig wherever I have dug. So when I saw these wire-covered cloches from Gardener’s Supply, I knew that I had to have them. Not only do they keep the bunnies, dogs, and deer from destroying a crop, but they look as if they came right out of a Beatrix Potter illustration.



Help a novice become a practiced veggie gardener

gardening tools and caddy
Photo: Susan Calhoun

This beginning gardener’s kit from California Picnic is good fun and a great gift for young gardeners, with its Wolverine-type claw gloves. Waterproof with plastic claw fingertips on one glove, the pair helps with digging out planting holes. Tools—including claw, rake, trowel, weeder, and even pruners—are all included in a tote that can carry other gardening bits and bobs.



A watering can as beautiful as your houseplants

Haws watering can
Photo: Matt Mattus

After 30 years of practicing as a product designer, I can appreciate designs that are ergonomic, timeless, and practical. But it’s pure kismet when you discover a product that is also stunningly beautiful—even just as an object. The classic Haws watering can is all that and more. As with so many crafts, it all comes down to having the finest-crafted tools to work with. We serious gardeners dream about things like hand-thrown pottery and, yes, authentic Haws watering cans.



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