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  • rock garden

    Grow a Rock Garden in a Challenging Area

    A rock garden can help you overcome a number of challenges in the landscape of the Southern Plains—from poorly drained soil to hot, dry, rocky areas. It provides a means…

  • perennials for dry shade

    Perennials for Dry Shade in the Southern Plains

    Gardening in dry shady locations can be a challenge. Even when rain does fall, thirsty tree roots quickly suck up soil moisture. To ensure understory plants thrive, I seek out…

  • Design

    Summer-Dry Gardening, Part 1: A Visit to Beth Chatto’s Gravel Garden

    When the summer heat starts in the Pacific Northwest, I reflect at my choice to turn my front garden space into a "summer-dry garden." I like this term better than…

  • Design

    Plants for High and Very Dry Mountain Gardens

    Rocky Mountain gardeners are a hardy bunch, gardening in some of the most inhospitable parts of the United States, with unpredictable swings in weather patterns and a persistent threat of…

  • plants for dry shade

    Eye-Catching Plants for Dry Shade

    Dry shade is arguably the toughest gardening condition to deal with, yet it’s one of the most commonly encountered. Virtually any yard with a nearby established tree canopy benefits from…

  • Design

    Before and After Down Under

    Brian Mazzer sent in these images of his garden today and what it looked like when he first bought it. I bought my house in the suburb of Holland Park…

  • Design

    10 Water-Wise Plants

    Droughts and water shortages have grabbed headlines in recent years, reminding gardeners everywhere that we need to find ways to make our landscapes less dependent on supplemental water. Even in…