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  • drought tolerant shrubs for the northeast

    Drought-Tolerant Shrubs for the Northeast

    According to NASA Earth Observatory, one-third of the United States experienced some level of drought in 2020. Unfortunately, we know this was not a random anomaly but an increasing trend…

  • hellstrip garden

    Perfect Plants for a Heavenly Hellstrip in Northern California

    Reflected heat, passing foot traffic, poor soil, restricted space, and irrigation obstacles are just a few of the challenges faced by any plant grown in a “hellstrip.” This spot is…

  • Article

    Winter in Arizona

    Today’s post is from Melissa Grosso in Fountain Hills, Arizona. We’ve visited her garden before and even had a chance to visit her sister’s garden in California. Today she is…

  • water-wise garden

    Design a Water-Wise Garden

    Being more conscious of the water used in gardens is not a responsibility left only to those who experience extreme droughts. If you live in an area that gets regular…

  • Finger aloe

    South African Standouts for Southern California

    South Africa has a few similarities with Southern California. Both are hot spots of biodiversity. South Africa, like California, is recognized as a floristic province. That means that both have…

  • Design

    Southern California Picks for a Drought-Tolerant Cutting Garden

    I love traditional plants for a cutting garden such as roses, lilies (Lilium spp. and cvs., Zones 3–9), hydrangeas (Hydrangea spp. and cvs., Zones 4–9), and Peruvian lilies (Alstroemeria spp.…

  • Design

    Drought-Tolerant Trees for the Northern Plains

    The heat and winds of summer in the Northern Plains can wreak havoc on plant life, especially to nonnative species. Sometimes it seems like summer rains fall everywhere except where…

  • Design

    Drought-Tolerant Shade Perennials for Northern California

    Dry-shade gardening might sound like a challenging proposition, but there's an outstanding array of choices available to water-wise gardeners looking to add perennial color and textural diversity to shadier spots…

  • Design

    A Drought-Tolerant California Garden

    Today's photos come from Stephen Katcher. I am writing to share some pictures of my garden in Studio City, California. I live with my wife of twenty years, our two…

  • Design

    Drought-Tolerant Plants and Design Strategies for the Southern Plains

    Ask any Texas gardener about the summer of 2011 and you are likely to get a loud groan followed by several lamentations. A year of extreme drought, 2011 brought many…