• Kitchen Gardening

    Tortilla Soup–Comfort Food

    There is nothing like a bowl of nourishing hot soup on a cold winter day, especially a grey, damp rainy day that sort of seeps into the bones in your…

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    End of Gardening Season: Celebrate the Harvest!

    We have had our frost warning in my zone 7 Maryland area and I went out the day of the prediction and gathered all of the green tomatoes still on…

  • Kitchen Gardening

    Chili Pepper Season: Here’s a Trio to Try

    Being a confessed chilehead, I have grown many varieties for over 40 years. Here are a few that might be new to you, that I think are worthwhile growing.

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    Herb Harvest Fall Festival featuring Plants of South America

    Last weekend, we celebrated the 27th annual Herb Harvest Fall Festival featuring the foods of South America at the Ozark Folk Center. Learn about some of the foods indigenous to…

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    Summer Bounty

    It's that time of year when we are reaping the harvest--benefiting from all of our earlier hard labor--and approaching a vegetable glut! Hot weather makes us want to cook less,…

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    International Herb Association Conference in Fernandina Beach, Florida

    Here's a brief synopsis of a wonderful trip to Fernandina Beach, Florida for the recent IHA conference--a good time was had by all gathered--and we so enjoyed the warm weather…

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    Garden Bounty: Late Summer Garden Happenings

    What's going on in your garden? As the harvest season is peaking and some of our summer vegetable and herb plants are winding down, it is time for preserving, tidying…

  • How-To

    Spicy Chocolat from the Garden

    Here is a quick and easy recipe you can whip up anytime--especially on a cold winter night. This spicy, warming chocolate beverage uses ancient and exotic spices and flavorings. Cacao,…

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    Curried Vegetable Soup

    I really enjoy soup and find it comforting and warming in cold weather. Using curry powder and chiles makes it especially so. Try this soup this weekend--you will be glad…

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    Three Sisters Saute

    Here is a dish to enjoy right now! Squash, beans, and corn are crops that are often grown together in the southwestern U.S. and are commonly referred to by Native…