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    Build a Rebar Arbor

    Gardeners love arbors. Admit it: Once you’ve filled your cart with assorted plants at the nursery, you can’t help but wheel the cart past the department with all the arbors—and…

  • Purple and chartreuse form the backbone of the color scheme.

    A Garden That Has It All

    My husband and I moved into our house in November nine years ago. I recall the weather vividly because, instead of starting my new journey indoors with painting walls and…

  • Viewing this home from the front, we can see that the designer of the front yard garden chose many massing plants that give the home a lush, hidden feeling

    Four Design Ideas for a Small Space Design

    Small Space 1 Four-season interest in a drought-tolerant package Many think that naturalistic plantings can’t possibly be implemented in a postage stamp yard—least of all a front one—and that they…

  • garden inspired by english garden design

    Adapting English Elegance

    It took about five years and two road trips through England before Anne Campodonico was ready to start her garden. True, the Kentfield, California, mother of three wasn’t in a…

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    A Fairy-Tale Cottage in the Woods

    In the April issue of Fine Gardening, Terie Rawn shared lessons she has learned while carving a garden out of the woods in upstate New York for the past 25…

  • Colorful entryway garden along a curved path leading up to an arbor

    An Enchanting First Impression

    Like many modern houses, Gail Gee’s suburban home in Fulton, Maryland (USDA Hardiness Zone 7), features a front door well away from and out of sight of the driveway where…

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    Designing a Lush Backyard Retreat

    Gardening has been a lifelong passion for both of us. For more than 30 years, we’ve gardened both at home and professionally, and we love spending time outdoors. We built…

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    Gorgeous Out of the Gate

    The most basic reason for a garden gate is to keep people, pests, or pets in or out, but a gate can be so much more than just a boundary…

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    How to Use a Fence in a Garden Design

    There are a number of reasons why one would add a fence to the garden. Usually it’s to block a view or keep the family pooch contained. But what about…

  • pot fountain

    Build a One-of-a-Kind Water Feature

    Nothing is more relaxing than the music of moving water in the garden. But finding a water feature to complement your style can be tough. So why not make a…