• ground covers

    Got a Little Ground to Cover?

    One garden cliché that drives me crazy is that ground covers are rambunctious troublemakers. The problem is that a few aggressive thugs give the entire lot a bad name. Most…

  • containers for entryways

    Front-door Container Ideas That Dazzle

    For most people, adorning the front of their house means having a foundation planting of mixed evergreens and perhaps a few perennials and flowering shrubs. It’s a winning formula: low…

  • 'Bluebird' smooth aster

    All About Asters

    From tall to small, splashy to subdued, these perennials are proven performers.

  • How to Tie a Garden Together

    If you garden, you love plants—especially the newest and most unusual ones. After bringing these treasures home, they often end up plopped in various places without a lot of pre-planning…

  • Plan for an Awesome Autumn

    With the right plants, your garden can have a grand finale

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