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Tips to Design Your Forever Garden

Presented by Tesselaar Plants

How does a person get one of the jaw-droppingly beautiful gardens that grace the pages of Fine Gardening? The honest answer is not always something people want to hear—it requires patience and effort! But with the right design, and armed with the right plants, you too can someday have your very own “forever” garden.

A forever garden takes commitment, both to yourself and to your yard and plants. We’ve found that the commitment is worth it. Below, you’ll find some inspiration and tips for your very own forever garden. To start with:

  • Have a plan, but know that the plan will change.
  • Listen to your garden. You can’t force a plant into a location where it just doesn’t want to be.
  • Remember the three tenets of good design: repetition, texture, and focal points.
  • Don’t be afraid to commit to plants that may take some time to fill in.