Plants for Your Region to Add to Your Shopping List

Fine Gardening – Issue 205
Photos (from left to right): Princess Diana bigleaf hydrangea,; ‘Guinea Gold’ martagon lily, courtesy of Ed Lyon; and ‘Redemption’ elephant’s ear, courtesy of Brian’s Botanicals

Whether you’re walking through your local garden center, flipping through the pages of your favorite catalog, or scrolling the website of an online retailer, the sheer number of plant choices can be overwhelming. With timeless, classic varieties as well as plenty of new releases every year, it can seem impossible to decide which plants should make it to your shopping cart. Thankfully, regional experts are here to help. We asked these experts to pick four plants that anyone in their region would do well by buying this year. If they don’t make the cut this year, they are at least worth adding to your wish list. Below, find fabulous plants for your region that you should add to your shopping list.